Why just who thinks of this

LV.20 S 2h

Nine nine nine this is wrong (btw nine means no in German)

LV.20 S 2h


Yes, I know you can't see the guys head

LV.11 Stars and Stripes 3h

Well okay I guess...NO this shit is not ok

LV.20 S 4h

Ok i made this one Zane

LV.22 I'm a Bot 4h

Can you???

LV.20 S 4h

Respect for all of you

LV.20 S 5h

Just leave his spaghetti alone

LV.20 S 5h

Woofle the waffle stealing dog

LV.20 S 5h

Yes you can feel it

LV.20 S 1d

Where’s the calcium (this is a joke moot) also happy spooktoper

LV.20 S 1d

Did he

LV.20 S 1d

This is why you don’t dress up like a ghost

LV.20 S 1d

Joke tap for the full joke

What is the difference between you and a egg

The egg gets laid you don’t (I’m sorry for this)

LV.20 S 1d


LV.3 Lurker 1d

Well ok (btw don’t do it just Nathan plz)

LV.20 S 1d

Breaking News #1

Going leave this here before I keep forgetting about it...

LV.28 Dragon 1d

Confusing times :>

LV.12 Fearless 1d

Look at all my nice little doggos.

LV.17 Creeper 1d

My friend sent me this what should I do tomorrow when I go to school

LV.20 S 1d

Wheres is the L replaced by???

LV.20 S 1d

gaming Doggo

LV.20 S 1d

The best Element (tap for full meme)

LV.20 S 1d

hmm, yes.

Hey everyone! I'm new to this app/community and i've been looking around this and it looks like a really nice community! I was wondering if i could make some friends here and just chat causally, maybe play some games together and stuff. I want to try to be apart of this community and try to help other's as best i can. Check out my profile some time too and maybe give a follow cuz i have none at the moment (cuz im new thats obvious). Its optional, you don't have to but would be really nice to start somewhere i guess. Okay, i hope to see you soon! Peace.

LV.2 Steve 1d

Measure my privates

Just madigascar memes

LV.3 Lurker 1d

A tiktok i found

LV.21 I'm a Bot 2d

On a scale from 1 to 10 how happy are you?

LV.17 Creeper 2d

guess name and earn child naming rights

guess my real name and I will give you naming rights to my first child
you can name this child anything and give me good suggestions\
best one I have gotten so far is rasta my pasta
and yes it is a relatively common name and it is English

LV.21 Big Chungus 2d

Another true post

LV.25 Default Savior 2d

Also true

LV.25 Default Savior 2d