Heyaaa. I was just curious if you watch anime if yes what movie?
Im currently watching Boku no hero Acedemia
And The Deadly Seven Sins

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Brunout Torque Mobile

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I just love this channel

Watch "Something About Zelda Breath of the Wild ANIMATED SPEEDRUN ❤️❤️🖤 ANY% 04:11 (no amiibo) WR" on YouTube

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I'm sorry but

If you don't like Space Dandy then we can't be friends. I've seen it like 7 times and I wanna watch it another 100 times more I love it

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The Promised Neverland

If you don’t know what this anime is then look it up and watch it for yourself but this is for the people that have watched it, if you haven’t then you can’t read this post bc it maybe contain spoilers for those that haven’t seen, watched, or have finished it so plz go on if you haven’t. But if you have seen, watched or finish it keep scrolling and read this.

Alright I was crying at the last 3-4 episodes of this anime and the most stupid this is that it’s not making another season until 2020 and that really sucks, but it took me a while to finish this and I sincerely thought that in the first episode that “oh it’s a normal home for kids that didn’t have parents” but the only thing that I didn’t get was the numbers on there necks, until Emma and Norman went to the gate and then I realized why they did have those numbers, and if Isabella (the so called mother of the house) had the same passion of running, it’s really weird how she just didn’t let them go in the first place especially her own son, plus she nearly shipped him out and that was messed up, but I gotta wait for season 2 to find out if they live in the outside world or if there are more demons in the outside world and the 15 of them are still wanted and if Isabella is killed for letting them go.

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Ima just .... yeah .... Someone help me lol 😂

why ... why am I obsessed over a drawing ... that is animated ... what ....

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POPULAR So uhm ... why does no one talk about how hot Ken Kaneki is ?

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Kakashi is Hot asl ... can’t change my mind 😂😂😍✨

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Anime guessing contest 2 😏

Guess the location of my cover photo and the anime series.
And guess the character’s name and anime series of my profile gif.

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What is your favorite anime

Mine is Naruto, it is a great anime with alot of fight scenes and all in all just an amazing anime!👍

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Anime guessing contest❤️

If you can guess the movie that my Cover Photo is from AND the show my Profile Picture Gif is from I will make you a custom drawing. Anything I’m capable of drawing within reason of course!

It came to my attention how often I actually change my profile up so I’ve decided to make a game out of it for the time being while I’m satisfied with how it looks.
Should I do more guessing contests in entertainment?

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Watch "The best Anime Dance ever 2019" on YouTube

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This is technically an animation right? Ha

Been working on this all morning with Adobe after effects...let me tell ya, that damn software is a BEAST and the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to teach myself.
There are just so many tools and the only limits are your creativity with those tools. It blows my mind at some of the things inside that program.

I really wish I was a master at after effects, I’d be making so much cool crap for no reason.

I made this to use for Instagram and Facebook stories for when I go live. Something very small and often overlooked, but it’s awesome in my mind.

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What’s some of your guys’ favorite anime(s) ?

Mine 2 favorites are Soul Eater and My Hero Academia 🥰💕✨

#Queen64 #MysticMafia #DoubleM #Lil64

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Watched a short anime series today and I need an adult.

Wikipedia says: She and Her Cat, subtitled Their standing points, is a 1999 Japanese original video animation created and directed by Makoto Shinkai. It is a five-minute story about the relationship between a male cat and his female owner told from the cat's perspective.

I watched it, cried the entire way through it and I’m still crying after finishing it. It’s beautiful. Such a wonderful perspective on how our pets love us. Ugh. My heart is so heavy, that was some deep stuff. I want a hug.

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New Intro? Help me out Guys comment below which one you think🤞🏼




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Happy easter peolple if play fortnite enter marceby2054 i have a youtube channel called fresh panda

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For any Anime lovers theres a new discord out for people who watch anime and are looking for people to join the link is below

LV.19 Join my group! 2mo


Im actually so happy on how this turned out! I made this gif for King_of_hammers and im just, i love it and he does too haha.

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Name some of your favorite anime!

Doesn’t matter the genre. I want to know what are some of your favorites. Code Geass, Angel Beats, Attack on Titan and Erased are some favorites of mine

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My Hero Academia Season 3

Just started watching My hero Academia Season 3 and it moves so slow. So much of the episode is just a recap of previous episodes. I feel like this is DBZ levels of drawing things out.

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Best cosplay👍

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Something you must watch

I don't watch anime movies often, I usually just binge watch shows. But there was an era where I watched a few movies. I don't quite remember the other ones I watched but I do remember Summer Wars. This is my favorite anime movie! If you haven't seen it already then please do yourself a favor.

A young math genius solves a complex equation and inadvertently puts a virtual world's artificial intelligence in a position to destroy Earth.

The animation is beautiful, one of my favorite animations and it's from 2009!

I don't want to spoil anything so please if you got the time go watch this amazing movie!!!!

LV.22 Monster 3mo

Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions!!!

I haven't watched anime in awhile so if you'd be so kind just throw down one of your favorites or a newer one. I'm down for any genre. Thank you!

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POPULAR Does anyone have any dubbed anime recommendations?

(I have VRV & Netflix & possibly Hulu)
These are the animes I've watch & enjoyed (the ones that I can remember anyways.) :

Trinity Seven
Date Alive
Soul Eater
Black Butler
Blue Exorcist
Inu x Boku SS
Fairy Tail
No Game, No Life
Ouran High School Host Club
Death Note
The Devil is a Part Timer
Sword Art Online
Bleach (only season 1-3 though)
... I'm sure there's more buuut you get the point.

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Any rwby fans here?

Just trying to find a rwby fan to talk to

LV.23 Dream Chaser 3mo

Gross experience animation

I’m frickin back botches

LV.4 Lurker 3mo

POPULAR Whats your favorite anime?? 🤔

Mine is fairy tail and sword art online (i like a lot more but these two are my top ones)

LV.21 Dragon 3mo

POPULAR Who's watched Date Alive?

If not what anime are you currently watching?

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I used to absolutely hate Noelle Silva when she was first introduced on Black Clover as the other new recruit of the black bulls. I thought she was arrogant and stuck up. Once more details about her childhood surfaced I wanted to pity her if nothing else. However now that she’s actually become humble and compassionate I think I really like her. She’s tenacious and always wants to prove to herself she’s strong enough.

Anybody else watching Black Clover?
Do you love or hate Noelle?

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