Stop the war

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If you have watched all of these tv shows then you are a legend.

Randy Cunningham 9th grade Ninja
Danny Phantom
American dragon Jake long

Bonus points for anyone who can DM me what they have in common.
#StayPositive #PMA #BearHugsHeal #X-MAS #Christmas

If you have watched all of these tv shows then you are a legend. +2
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For Gravity Falls fans

What is your favorite ship from the show?
Mine is honestly Dipper and Pacifica, and I know that Pacifica is kind of a bitch in the beginning, but it's not like she chose to born in that family.🤷🏻‍♂️

For Gravity Falls fans
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Bravest Warriors

ever heard of it?? :,D it was a short film/tv show type that lasted less than 5 minutes >.< omg i just had a bunch of nostalgia bc i adored Catbug (,: i was devastated when Cartoon Hangover moved to another platform but enjoy catbug! :,3

Bravest Warriors
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DBZ FANS? dbz xenoverse fans?

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I haven't seen you in quite some time old friend

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Anime Doggos... 🐶💕✨

Feeling gloomy? Having a bad day? Just look at these cute anime doggos. Real dogs are precious, but dogs in anime are just so much cuter. Enjoy. 🐶💕✨

Anime Doggos... 🐶💕✨ +5
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Anime Vibes #4 😁✨❗

This is the 7th intro for Bleach. If you're into anime, then ik you've came across Bleach in your time. It's nothing much I can say, but Bleach is a great anime. And this song doesn't even give me mixed vibes, just overall hype and happiness. Enjoy. ✨❗

Anime Vibes #4 😁✨❗
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Anime Vibes #3 😭✨❗

This is the first Tokyo Ghoul opening of the series. I haven't watched it since 2014, but this opening always tips into me when I hear it. I can relate to Kaneki; being timid and innocent, just trying to go through life one step at a time, just to get completely torn from the life he's always known. Now having to adapt to new circumstances that are hitting like a brick to the face. This anime opening really puts me in my feels because I can put myself in Kaneki's shoes... 😭✨❗

Anime Vibes #3 😭✨❗
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Anime Vibes #2 😭✨❗

Here's another anime that spoke to me deeply, Samurai Champloo. This anime has the message of "Life is what you make of it...". Each episode was a different slice of life and lessons. And this outro touches my soul and pulls at my heart strings. This song also makes me feel overwhelmingly happy but dreadfully sad all in one. It's truly a beautiful song and a solid vibe. 😭✨

Anime Vibes #2 😭✨❗
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Anime Vibes #1 😭✨❗

This is Inuyasha's 2nd outro song. I grew up watching this anime and it has made an impact on me. Even though I don't understand the lyrics, this song still just speaks volumes to me. This song make me want to cry everytime I here it, but cry happy tears. Like this song uplifts me but also puts me deeper into my feelings. Idk...maybe I'm just a big weeb, but this song holds power to me. 😭💕✨

Anime Vibes #1 😭✨❗
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Welp, I have a new favorite show.

I just finished up episode 5 of My Hero Academia, and it's f**king amazing. I'm in love with it.

Welp, I have a new favorite show.
LV.24 Insomniac 20d

Hazbin Hotel

I absolutely love it! It's right out funny! People say its very offensive but its comedy is made that way for a reason as everyone is in hell and have a reason for being there so fair warning, but the jokes are very well planned and its perfect! The animation is honestly the best I've ever seen and you can tell they put there heart into this.....which would explain the excessive amount of either way I really recommend this if you dont mind the tone of it, definitely not for kids.
P.S. my favorite character is "Radio Demon" Alastor from his clothes to voice to his humor

Hazbin Hotel
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Top animes on my opinion

These are not rated in any order I think their all good.
1 ggo (guns and best girl)
2 stines gate (science)
3 saga of tanya the evil (wwl)
4 soul eater (action)
5 full Metal alchemist brother hood (episode 25 did not happen )
6 shimoneta (dirty jokes)
7 jojo (MUDA MUDA)
8 Cowboy bebop (crazy in good way)
9 space dandy (don't know how to describe)
10 Norigami (only 5 yen)
11 re:zero (MAGIC)
12 Re:creators ( MAGIC)
13 hyppo ippo (boxing)
13 kono suba ( EXPLOSION)
14 gulity crown ( make her your weapon)
15 space dandy ( crazy )
16 OFF BRAND (vampire)
17 Meikoku Gakuen (save them)
18 Muttsuri Do Sukebe Tsuyu Gibo Shimai no Honshitsu Minuite Sanmai ( NNN )
19 youkoso sukebe elf no morie(LOTS OF MAGIC)
20 Dropout ( episode 2 never happened )

If there are some things I missed please let me know

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I have started my first anime.

And what better anime to start with, then "My Hero Academia"?

I have started my first anime.
LV.24 Insomniac 21d

bare bears (,:

i don’t know how long We Bare Bears been on netflix but it’s been a bingefest in this house. 🌙 WE BARE BEAR IS A TV SHOWWWWW

i relate to Ice Bear... maybe i am Ice Bear... please bare with me with my on going phase 💛

bare bears (,:
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E Girls wanted

Looking for recruiting for #teamDawnity
We are looking for competitive gamers from all over building teams along with management
Dm if interested
Real organization





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Big Mouth

Has anyone watched Big Mouth on Netflix and wanna talk about it I'm bored.

Big Mouth
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I sall My Hero Academia for the first time.....

I'm loving it! It's so well done! I can't wait to watch more!

I sall My Hero Academia for the first time.....
LV.26 I Love Food 1mo

Shalltear approves

I highly freaking recommend this show if you dont have Netflix then your out of luck my friend for it's a Netflix original but I was hooked on this show I cant wait for more episodes to come out.....

Shalltear approves
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POPULAR Manga/anime recommendations please

Haven't got much to read or watch lately, so if you have anything you could recommend to me I'd greatly appreciate it!

Manga/anime recommendations please
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Anyone got a switch they wanna team up on

LV.9 Happy Halloween! 1mo

October spooks series Finale: Don't look away

It's time for the last episode of October spooks, here's a chilling yet cool conspect video (8 mins). Enjoy and cya next October with more spooky content😈

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~Anime Weekly~ 2

Its been awhile sorry just have been worring about school sorry guys lol but this week we

Little Witch Academy
It was a great 2 seasons I loved the show if your looking for a mood booster/suspenseful maybe thats the word but I truly believe you should watch this show! Its a really awesome sgow and the last episode had me head over heels and the thing she couldnt do the whole series she finally did it!!!

I got say a good 9.3/10

I would also recommend this to many of my friends!

~Anime Weekly~ 2 +1
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One Punch Man: How Powerful Is Saitama's Serious Punch? | Because Science

The constant debate of how strong Saitama is can be quantified somewhat, but I’m sure that in the long run there may be no limit.


“Everyone knows One-Punch Man gets its name from the satirical strength of the show's protagonist Saitama, who can easily defeat opponents with literally one punch. While it is mostly played for laughs at how effortlessly he crushes villains, just how powerful would Saitama be if he actually tried to exert his full strength? Kyle takes a trip to City-Z to put our deadpan hero to the test in this week's Because Science!”


One Punch Man: How Powerful Is Saitama's Serious Punch? | Because Science
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Is'nt she sooo cute?😍

Touka💖 +1
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Cool Facebook


I don’t even watch Naruto, so like huh? Nani 🤣💀

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Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld • Official Trailer

“A new world, unfamiliar memories, and a name that cannot be forgotten. With no recollection of logging in, Kirito finds himself in a brand-new world with mysterious memories of a boy named Eugeo and a young blond girl, Alice. Her name strikes him as important, unforgettable. But why? As he wanders the world for a way to log out, will he stumble upon something even more important than getting home?”


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