Cannon Busters | Official Trailer

I remember a number of years ago when the Anime for this was just an impressive project on Kickstarter... And now? They’ve got their own Netflix series!

Trailer Link:

Original Kickstarter:

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Favorite anime that’s came out this year

I’m Currently caught up on demon slayer and Dr.Stone so I’m looking to start a new series. What do y’all recommend?

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I didn't realize...

I really didn't realize there was an animation section here.. I would've posted here then 😅 Here's some fortnite animations I did.. I'm newish to moot so I'm excited to have found this section. I guess I'm blind !!

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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest.

I’m here to rant.
The manga series on this is probably one of my favourites, good amount of everything. Now, when I heard they were making an anime based off the manga I was stoked, I waited an entire year and just watched the first episode out of the four that are out currently. My hopes and dreams for the anime are gone. Stick with manga or the novels kids.
even the anime cover is bad ^^

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Finishing S1 of Tokyo Ghoul tonight 🥰❤️✨

I wonder if I can go through this whole series without crying...

Nah, I’m too over sensitive 😂😂😂

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Favorite anime waifu? (or husbando for the female mooters/otakus) 🇯🇵♥️😍✌🏾

mines obviously saber from the fate series

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This Invader Zim movie better be as good as the show

Watch "Netflix's Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus - Official Teaser Trailer" on YouTube

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Only true ones will get this 😢😢😭

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I make memes sometimes 🥰

Tell me what you think of one piece in the comments below ☠️


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Steven Universe The Movie!!

Dont forget Sept 2nd

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Steven Universe The Movie

Anyone else excited for Sept. 2nd?!?!

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Can You guess my favorite anime

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SPF song of the day?????

Posting my #SOTD in Animations today because I started rewatching One Piece with my friend and even though we haven’t made it to this scene yet I still somehow have the Sniper King theme song stuck in my head.

#OnePiece #Usopp #lol

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My Hero Academia | Season 4


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Realizing the voice actress that voices Luffy is the same voice actress that voices Krillin in the Japanese originals. And the voice actor that voices Usopp is the same voice actor that voices Krillin in the English dub. 😭😂


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Overrated Anime?

What anime are you sick and tired of hearing soooooooooooooooooooo much, 24/7?

My answer is Tokyo Ghoul, haven't seen it but the main character looks very edgy.

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Who here Watches JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? I love it and it is great to me. This anime is funny, heartbreaking, sad, exiting, action packed and so much more it is great. P.S SONADA BEACH


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Underrated Anime?

What's an awesome anime that is or just feels very underrated? Mine is Gurren Lagann on Netflix, so cool

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Who else loves Black Clover?

I had to make this meme after my friend and I were watching #BlackClover the other night 😂
I seriously love Asta tho.

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Anime Recommendation FlowChart

Didn't see this posted yet. Enjoy. ^.^
Chart by:
(PS, it's a few years old and missing some awesome new anime, such as One-Punch Man + My Hero Academia, which are definitely must-watches).

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Anime of the day #1

This is the first anime of the day, guess what it is...

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POPULAR Animeee🤗

Heyaaa. I was just curious if you watch anime if yes what movie?
Im currently watching Boku no hero Acedemia
And The Deadly Seven Sins

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Brunout Torque Mobile

LV.5 Let’s play R6! 2mo

I just love this channel

Watch "Something About Zelda Breath of the Wild ANIMATED SPEEDRUN ❤️❤️🖤 ANY% 04:11 (no amiibo) WR" on YouTube

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I'm sorry but

If you don't like Space Dandy then we can't be friends. I've seen it like 7 times and I wanna watch it another 100 times more I love it

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The Promised Neverland

If you don’t know what this anime is then look it up and watch it for yourself but this is for the people that have watched it, if you haven’t then you can’t read this post bc it maybe contain spoilers for those that haven’t seen, watched, or have finished it so plz go on if you haven’t. But if you have seen, watched or finish it keep scrolling and read this.

Alright I was crying at the last 3-4 episodes of this anime and the most stupid this is that it’s not making another season until 2020 and that really sucks, but it took me a while to finish this and I sincerely thought that in the first episode that “oh it’s a normal home for kids that didn’t have parents” but the only thing that I didn’t get was the numbers on there necks, until Emma and Norman went to the gate and then I realized why they did have those numbers, and if Isabella (the so called mother of the house) had the same passion of running, it’s really weird how she just didn’t let them go in the first place especially her own son, plus she nearly shipped him out and that was messed up, but I gotta wait for season 2 to find out if they live in the outside world or if there are more demons in the outside world and the 15 of them are still wanted and if Isabella is killed for letting them go.

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Ima just .... yeah .... Someone help me lol 😂

why ... why am I obsessed over a drawing ... that is animated ... what ....

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POPULAR So uhm ... why does no one talk about how hot Ken Kaneki is ?

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Kakashi is Hot asl ... can’t change my mind 😂😂😍✨

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