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How Disney Ruined Culture | Wisecrack

I like Disney. They make solid family films, have a great collection of (expensive) theme parks, and have a terrifying death grip on a not-insignificant portion of the entertainment industry. It’s really that last part that worries me though... More from me after the video, and I do want to hear from y’all on this. Show me what you’ve got to say! ——/:/;:/-/:///-//-::/——-//—/-/-//::/——— This time from #Wisecrack : “Did Disney ruin culture for everyone? It's no surprise that Disney has an absolute stranglehold on the culture we consume today. But the joys of the Magic Kingdom aside, what if it's actually kind of really bad for art? We'll explain in this Wisecrack Edition: How Disney Ruined Culture.” Video Link: https://youtu.be/_jed8B4L4-4

So, what do you think, Mooties? Does Disney’s twists in the myths point to a dangerous cultural flaw, or is it perhaps only reflecting the world as it is in the modern age? Honestly, I think there’s plenty to take issue with, while also plenty of both cultural and artistic ebb and flow. Comment with your opinions, if you’re willing... ————————————————————— ✨✨✨ Extras ✨✨✨ The Wisecrack team has touched on this a number of times, understandably, but here are a couple of their other takes on the Disney formula... How Disney Remakes go Wrong: https://wscrk.com/2ZoL8Pf

Understanding Disney's STAR WARS Crisis: https://wscrk.com/2vpDzOa

I’ve also mentioned Disney’s potential in the past though: https://moot.us/lounges/23/boards/1388/posts/2868386/film-theory-how-disney-is-destroying-streaming

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