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The series everyone hates. Anime review: Darling in the Franxx

Mild spoilers. Gonna try not to spoil anything big but precede with caution. As always I stole the whole idea from http://moot.us/@oasis so go check him out. Darling in the Franxx is an Action-Romance series following the occurrence of the uninhabitability of earth after a war between humans and klaxosaurs. Protagonist- Hiro is a pretty standard protagonist I would say. He at least in my eyes isn’t bad by any means but I think he could have been improved just a tad bit as far as characterization goes. The real protagonist- Zero Two is the real reason anyone watched this anime let’s be real. All jokes aside her character is probably the best out of all of the characters in the show. Only gripe is something aren’t very realistic about her. Get your mind out of the gutters not in that way. As the main love interest of Hiro some of her personality traits that make her likable just kinda disappear. Rest of main cast- Fairly likable but most are nothing to write home about they all have there quirks but some just seem... hollow and that’s not a design choice like their personalities are just not bad but just eh. The one exception I would say to this would be Goro who actually in my opinion develops a lot through the course of the show and has a genuinely intriguing personality. The romance element- In my opinion probably the best part of the show. The tension is high between people and you can cut through it with a knife. For all the shit that happens in the show the ending is beautiful in the way they execute it even though it doesn’t feel fulfilling. The plot- Ok here’s where things get crazy. I’m not gonna spoil anything here but everything is ok up to episode 15. After that the creative team had a lot of different ideas about what they wanted to do with the series and it kinda turned in a shit show. One of the problems other than the creative team is that they tried to increase the pacing of the story towards the end to make it more compact but it just feels like they where trying to rush it for completion. Around this time as well the plot does go downhill and they begin relying on the same tropes to keep them afloat. Overall and Closing- Darling in the Franxx is pretty good but probably not for everyone. If you can ignore plot holes, absurdism, and rushed put together and are just along for the ride I would absolutely recommend. Total rating is a 7/10.

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  • Sloth19 LV.19 Apex > Fortnite Nov 13, 2020, 04:21 AM

    I like but don't like it

  • Dreamsy LV.30 Dream Chaser Nov 13, 2020, 04:22 AM

    Yeah the show is like that. Some stuff is really good but some points like the last three episodes are pretty bad.