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My review of The Last Of Us Part ll

Now I know this review is extremely overdue but I didn't want to review it until I played the game fully through! I would also like to say I have finished both of the Last Of Us games so I'm not only going off of the second game! So I think it would be good to start on with the combat system. Holy crap did they improve on it! The fighting is so much more fluid and tense, the possibilites of how to deal with a problem has been widely expanded upon and your tools and weapons are just perfect in my opinion👌

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Next I would like to talk about the environment/world, honestly its perfect. Equally beautiful and terrifying! Whether your out in the country or deep in the city, it feels like your in an apocalypse. I mean just look at these screenshots!!!!

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Now finally, the story. So I think this part will go without saying, !!!!!!STORY SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!! Now initially I was scared to play as many people where saying that "the story is terrible!" And that "the game is the worst thing I have ever played!", and the reviews were not good, but I held my head high and thought positive, and my god was I surprised! This has to be one of the best stories I have ever played through, EVER! Seriously! The first game got me little sad or happy every no and then but the second one, holy crap I was on a damn emotional rollercoaster! I was laughing one minute, crying for the next 5, then being terrified! Now I understand people where upset about Joel dying but I think it was better that he did, do I think his death could have been better, yes, was it still a great emotional drive for the plot and players, hell yeah! We wanted to find and kill Abby just as much as Eille and it was perfect! The characters were amazing and easy to connect to and understand. Even Abby became a little more likable the further you got in the story! No the only thing that I didn't like, was the last fight between Ellie and Abby, and for one simple reason, the pace of it. It felt like it was thrown onto the plot to fast with what felt like emotional reason. Now I'm not saying it was bad, it was a great ending fight, but just that there should have been a build up to it. But the ending scene was just, perfectly emotional, the "You've won, but at what cost?" feel was outstanding.

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Now I know there was a lot of controversy around the trailers and Naughty dog employees but it didn't really affect my opinion because i ignored all of it, I didn't watch a single trailer for the game (Other then the reveal/announcement trailer of course) and I didn't really pay attention to the Studio controversies because I didn't want it to affect how I thought about the game itself. So my scores are: Gameplay: 10/10 Perfect survival feel Environment: 100/10 Honestly just perfect! Story: 9/10 My favorite game of this year! Overall: 10/10 The perfect emotional survival/horror game! I highly recommend it! What did you think of The Last Of Us Part 2? Do you agree with what I said? 🤔

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    I totally agree with what you said! a well done game, 10/10 indeed.

  • Reusablebelt171 LV.30 JUST SEND IT Nov 8, 2020, 08:17 AM