POPULAR Got some new artwork!

LV.22 Poppin’ Bottles!

My SoundCloud playlist!

I know it's a bit small, but I'm hoping to expand it and add more to it in the future. It'll be a collection of songs I enjoy including song suggestions from you. So if you want to recommend a song, DM me and I'll have a listen to it! Anyways here it is.

As always, keep your head high and look to tomorrow! <3

Listen to Shugurs songs! by Shugur on #Soundcloud

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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest.

I’m here to rant.
The manga series on this is probably one of my favourites, good amount of everything. Now, when I heard they were making an anime based off the manga I was stoked, I waited an entire year and just watched the first episode out of the four that are out currently. My hopes and dreams for the anime are gone. Stick with manga or the novels kids.
even the anime cover is bad ^^

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Meme Time Day One!

Meme 👏 Reveiw 👏
*ClAp* *cLaP*

Zay Found these and credit goes to The Creators



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My brain when I'm making a meme

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POPULAR Banner For Bear^^

Here is a brand new banner for you Bear! Hope you enjoy it and if you need any changes done to it, I will gladly do that for you!

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Books & Comics

If by Just Nathan

If you can help will you lend a hand?
If I'm lost can you show the me the way?
If you know the truth can you tell me?
If all isn't well, will you tell me?
If not, why not?
Your burdens might be more than mine, but that doesn't mean your alone.
So I got a hand to lend, ways to show you, truth to tell you, will say if all isn't well.
Will you trust what I say, If not, can I earn that trust?

To someone who needs this...✌️

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Big stonks💲📈

*Brings out the flex tape* #flextapememe #stonksmeme

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Just letting people know that they won't get to area 51

This is me and the other Area 51 defenders
http://moot.us/@SKRTeast239 http://moot.us/@DaPi

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POPULAR Making Music

ok, ok... soooo, I had started to write a Saxophone Quartet medley of The Muppet Show a while back... one thing lead to another aaaand I kinda forgot about it....Then #Duckslilartcontest rolled around and I am like, what in the world do I enter. I could of entered something I had already finished, but I thought that seemed cheap, I wanted to make something special for this. Looking through the files on my PC, I find an unfinished music piece, this piece, and I knew what I had to do. A little over 30 hours of work later, I bring you this...
(Link to listen to the piece)

This 11 page piece starts with Rainbow Connection, bouncing between Tenor and Alto saxophones for the main melody, then leading into Mahna Mahna, featuring several Bari Sax solos. Finally ending with the main theme, featuring a crescendous soprano sax solo to bring everything to a close.
- I would like to give s special shout out to Seymour and Samantha my Alto and Soprano saxophones, respectively

Oh and if you want to know what my 11ish pages of sheet music look like...

(I currently don't have access to a Tenor or Bari sax, so I have used a Simulated program for the Instruments)

Legal disclaimer - I do not hold the rights to any of the original pieces but created my medley under fair use and Creative Commons agreements. All credits to the respective creators.

Remember- good thoughts, good words, good deeds <3

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POPULAR Back at it again

I wanted to make a banner for my mod cause hes my mod <3
And I made this banner for the lovely person who gave me my name Nop back! Ahh im so happy!
I thought I would just share them. They aren't great but it's honest work :p

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Who all watches Arrow

LV.24 Freedom!

POPULAR Giveaway! FREE Custom Art!

I'm doing a giveaway to doing custom art of your favorite game character or item. I will draw and paint whatever of your choosing. There are very few things I am not too great at but I'm open to see what you like before giving you a yes or no.


Like and Comment and Follow me!

In your comment tell me what platform you play on and what you would choose if you win.

I will choose 5 winners randomly with a random name picker.

You can get two chances of winning if you tag a friend.

I will choose a winner Sunday 11 PM EST.

Goodluck to everyone!

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POPULAR Comment some of your best art. 🥰💜✨

I love art so much, I’d love to see what you guys have created.

Here’s some of the Art that I haven’t lost 😂

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Another meme, just look over there...

He fell for it...

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My music playlist (ik ima normie)

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POPULAR What do yall think?

I pretty proud of how it turned out, also do yall like the progress pictures as well?


POPULAR Flowers in my neighborhood. ( Best ones I've taken)

I'm not a Flower and a Photographer person but my mom loves flowers so I took photos of them and hope she would like them, maybe you guys would as well? :) I'm also planning to go outside and take some more pictures.


POPULAR Heres a few of my recent drawings.

What do y’all think?

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POPULAR Im about to spam some memes 🤷🏽‍♀️

Hope you like the meme. Ive been trying to reach 100 followers on twitch for some time. Id appreciate if you could help me out by following me on twitch. I stream daily so come say hi.

Twitch @ iixtiaxii
Link In Bio

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POPULAR Another awesome piece of art


I’m sorry there may be quite a few of these but they are just too cool. Like seriously look at this it’s insane fruit form bulbasaurs what more could you ask for.

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POPULAR A anime girl edit :3

credit to Xishka for the idea :3

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POPULAR Banner For GudGuySolid^^

Here is another banner for you bro! Hope you enjoy it!

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Banner For XdasAlphaYT

Here is another banner for you dude! Hope you enjoy it and if you need me to make any changes to it, please let me know!

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POPULAR Chester Bennington, Gone But Never Forgotten

It's crazy that we lost such an amazing music legend. Lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, passed on this day two years ago. His music has touched others for a very long time and it will continue to do so as time goes on. You will always will be remembered!

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POPULAR I'm bacc posting memes

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So many lines

I got new lining pens and wanted to make use of them, I'm quite happy with how it came out!

Even if doing all of those lines was tedious at points lmao

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For itsnop

I was asked a Favor and I did it. This version has my signature so credit me bois.

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POPULAR Oh my bird🐦😂


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