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Netflix #DOPE documentary

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Shows you stopped watching

There's an entertainment lounge now?!?!? And people talkin about weeb stuff? I'M IN!
Alright alright, I got one thing I like talking to other weebs about. What is a show you dropped that almost every body tells you to watch? Doesn't even have to be a weeb show, can be any TV show. The one I dropped, all my friends hate me for this, is One Piece.
I will put it in a simple way. The reason why I stopped watching was cause it was so boring even after the first 25+ episodes. I know there are over hundreds of episodes and all the One Piece fans say "keep watching, it gets better." I don't know about you, but uhh if I have to watch over 50-100 episodes before it "gets better," something is wrong. I much prefer a show that makes me want to watch the next episode while skipping out on sleep. One Piece felt like a chore, forcing myself to watch the next one waiting for it to "get better." There is another on my list and it is a more recent show. I'll talk about that another time.
One Piece being as big as it is confuses me, then again I kinda understand why. It released over 20 years ago or something and there was not many good anime during then. The biggest fans now were kids watching it then and want to know the ending. As a kid everything seems cool so the episodes that were boring to me were cool for them. There are so many episodes now that I don't want to try again until maybe it is finally done and I have nothing to watch. Any else dropped One Piece? I say there are so many good shows out now One Piece is a backup.

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Naruto tv show

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