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2019.11.26(Tue) [Maintenance Time]

Last Kings Global: [★Notice★] - 2019.11.26(Tue) [Maintenance Time]   image 1

  [Maintenance Time] 2019.11.26(Tue) 01:00 ~ 06:00(UTC)   [Maintenance Reward] After completion, will be rewarded by in-game mail   [Changes and Updates] 1. Reorganized the Cash Shop Design - Changed a skin - Upgraded the overall design quality - Rearranged a category 2. Added Hero Resurrection System - A system to resurrect a hero and obtain hero fragment of the same or higher rare 3. Replaced the Holy Land of Chaos(500:500) Skin (3 channels: Shuri Castle/ 4 channels: Korea - Suwon Hwaseong Fortress) 4. Added Castle skin (Shuri Castle & Korean Castle- For event) 5. Added new hero package - Becky Hero Package - Sales Period: 11/26 ~ 12/17 (before the maintenance) 6. Added an option to check the guild ranking 7. Added a function to display the last access date of each guild member 8. Added a function to display the login points in my guild information 9. Event & Guardian - Balelion (Available from 11/26 ~12/10) - Balelion Events & Balelion Fragment for sale - Increased the probability of Senial & Al-Azip 10. [Autumn Package] for sale (from 11/26 to 12/10) 11. Castle Skin (Meck City for Sale) 12. Major bug fixes - Fixed a bug that only showed 10 lines in the chat window - Fixed a bug that detected alphabet a / A as a banned word - Fixed a bug that Glorious Charge was giving out the wrong reward   We apologize for any inconvenience, please cooperate with the maintenance.  

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