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2019.11.12(Tue) [Maintenance Time]

Last Kings Global: [★Notice★] - 2019.11.12(Tue) [Maintenance Time] image 1

  2019.11.12 (Tue) [Maintenance Time]   [Maintenance Time] 2019.11.12(Tue) 01:00 ~ 05:00(UTC)   [Maintenance Reward] After completion, will be rewarded by in-game mail   [Changes and Updates]   1.Improvement of guild information Guild member's yesterday log in information will be displayed.   2. Added [Account withdraw] ∙ After account withdraw, the app will be terminated and you can start with a new account when reconnecting.   3. Troop training 20% Event A Soldier reinforcement event (20 % reduction in training time) will be held. * Not applicable to soldiers who have started training before the event starts.   4. Fix bugs Some of the defects that have been confirmed will be corrected. - Crash bug - Reconnect bug - Troops disappearing bug     We apologize for any inconvenience, please cooperate with the maintenance.

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