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2019.11.06(Wed) [Maintenance Time]


2019.11.06(Wed) [Maintenance Time]   [Maintenance Time] 2019.11.06(Wed) 02:00 ~ 03:00(UTC)   [Maintenance Reward] After completion, will be rewarded by in-game mail   [Changes and Updates]   1. Increases the hero's Fragment drop rate, which can be obtained in dungeons. 2. Increase the drop rate of Promoted stones that can be obtained in dungeons. 3. [Hero Fragment Box] will drop in the World contents ※ Orc Legion Undead Legion Demon Legion defeat, you will get the [Hero Fragment Box] 4. Change the Hero package in the store. - Ederin package >> Irea package   We apologize for any inconvenience, please cooperate with the maintenance.  

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