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2019.10.23(Wed) [Maintenance Time]


[Maintenance Time] 2019.10.23(Wed) 00:00 ~ 05:00(UTC)   [Maintenance Reward] After completion, will be rewarded by in-game mail.   [Add maintenance notice] 1. Change of maintenance time (01:00 >> 00:00) 2. Story book Character story mode add 3. Change of channel #1 protection expired (78day >> 18 days)   [Event Error Notification] Hemera of Destruction event was incorrectly exposed. After the maintenance events won't occur, and additional rewards will be paid.   [Changes and Updates] 1. Added Global Channel '2' 2. Improvements 1) Added a function to move to the corresponding coordinates by clicking the Central Castle and Local Castle in the minimap 2) Changed an initial rewarding of Risette from 2 stars hero > 3 stars hero 3) Changed Legion Arena entry frequency (1 point recovery in 30 minutes >> 1 point recovery in 2 hours) 4) Removed additional reward items at the 280 Gem Cash Item purchase 5) Removed main and sub buttons from quest shortcut UI 6) Added provoke function to Shulehman, Derind RPG dungeon(damage, cooldown adjusted) 7) Changed the limit of purchase for Irene Hero in cash shop (1per a day >> 1 per 30day) 8) Guild Building: Made the shield not applicable to Guardian Totem for the user who has acquired the Guardian Totem by taking Guardian God as a prisoner. 9) Removed the heroes from the Pub: Edellin, Irea, Songong, Al-Azip, Schnaken, Litte 10) Improved the resource balance of Guild donation: Improved to allow multiple people to donate 12) Improved the balance of Action Point for Dungeon and Hero Raid 13) Fixed an issue where extract button wasn't displayed immediately when the essence extraction of Guadian is possible   3. Bug fixes 1) Fixed an issue where the Arena nation information was incorrectly displayed 2) Fixed an issue where the edelin limited edition package was only purchasable once a day 3) Fixed an issue where the characteristic information of Irene(hero) was displayed incorrectly. 4) Fixed an issue that the name and icon image of some materials not matching each other 5) Fixed a bug in the camera when using Allen Dungeon skill 6) Fixed an awkward pose of 6 Territory soldiers 7) Fixed the intermittent break of map light in the tutorial 8) Fixed the problem that the text 'Constructing' is displayed in the world when upgrading the Castle 9) Fixed intermittent crash in dungeons 10) Fixed intermittent stop at the daily dungeon 11) Fixed an issue that caused the troops walking the same spot intermittently 12) Improved intermittent lagging in game 13) Fixed an issue that checkbox not properly being checked when selecting the mail 14) Fixed an issue that reconnection not working properly when relaunching the app 15) Fixed the crash that is occurring intermittently when checking hero information 16) Fixed an issue that crash occurring intermittently after changing the language 17) Fixed an issue that equipment not continuously being manufactured in the state of sufficient material in the Forge 18) Fixed an issue where the Guardian God stats were incorrectly displayed in some UIs. 19) Fixed an issue where the maintenance cost of troop(per minute) was incorrectly displayed on the farm when soldiers were evacuated in a shelter 20) Fixed an issue where the heroes who were deployed to Ruins were used in Hero Raid. 21) Fixed an issue that the quantity of the ticket wasn't synchronizing with the real-time after the purchase of Hero's Appointment Ticket through the popup window. 22) Fixed an issue that time output wasn't displayed in Legion Arena (05:00)  

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