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[★Game Guide★]

1. Level Up - The basic content of the game to grow your hero. - Less used heroes or EXP Gems to increase the level of your heroes. - When a hero levels up, their base stats increase. - Heroes cannot grow past the max level. - Once a hero reaches max level, they can be promoted to grow even further."   2. Promotion - Once a hero reaches max level, they can be promoted to the next grade. - Promoting a hero significantly increases their stats. - You require a certain amount of Promotion Stones with equal stars to the promoting hero. - The Promotion Stone must match the hero's class. - Promotion Stones can be obtained from Daily Dungeons."   3. Transcendence - Once a hero reaches the max 5-Star, their max level can be increased through transcendence. - Transcendence can be done up to 5 times, increasing 2 levels per transcendence. - Each level after the max level from transcendence significantly increases the stats. - Transcendence requires a same 5-Star Hero and a Transcendental Stone. - Transcendental Stones can be obtained from Daily Dungeons."   4. Skills - Heroes have 3 types of skills: Traits, Battle and Hero. - By using the hero skills efficiently, you'll be able to improve the development of your domain or turn the tide of battle.   5. Trait Skills - Traits are divided up into 2 types: Int Aff. and Army. - Int Aff. skills are made up of those that increase building speed, resource generation and others that help develop your domains. - Int Aff. skills activate when the hero with the skill is assigned to Lord Castle. - Army skills are made up of those that increase Attack Power, HP, and others that help your army in battle. - Army skills activate during defense when the hero with the skill is assigned to the Rampart. - Army skills activate during an Army Battle or at Domain during a commission battle. - Trait skills can be leveled up through enhancements.   6. Battle Skills - Battle Skills are divided up into 3 types: Ultimate, Inspire, and Plot - Battle skills activate during player participated battles such as Command battles in domains and Legion Arenas. - Ultimate skills are powerful abilities heroes can use on cooldown. - Inspire skills are passive skills that are maintained during battle based on the hero's placement before the start of a battle. - Plot skills are helpful skills with a condition to activate during battle. - Battle skills cannot be leveled up.   7. Hero Skills - Heroes are given 2 skills to use in dungeons by default. Based on the hero's stars, they might not have skills. - Hero skills are all active skills that can be used on cooldown. - Hero skills cannot be leveled up."   8. Hero Gear - Heroes can equip different gear to improve their stats. - There are 5 types of gear: Weapons, Armors, Boots, Necklaces, and Rings. - All gear is classified by classes, and only the corresponding types can be used."  

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