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[★Game Guide★]

1-1. Resource Building - Buildings that produce basic resources for developing domains and military.   1-2. Farm, Iron Mine, Lumber Mill - Farms, Iron Mines and Lumber Mills produce and store their respective resources (Food, Iron Ore, Lumber). - Upgrade the Resource Buildings to increase their production rate and storage size. - Once the storage is full, the resource production will stop."   2-1. Military Building - Buildings required to enhance military power.   2-2. Barracks, Training Camp, Infirmary, Shelter - Troops can be trained here. - Upgrade the Barracks or construct more to train large amounts of troops at once.   2-3. Training Camp - Upgrade the Training Camp or construct more to increase the training speed at the Barracks.   2-4. Infirmary - Wounded Soldiers can be healed in this building. - All soldiers who were wounded during an attack, defense, gathering, encampment and support missions are sent here.   2-5. Shelter - Shelter protects the commander and the army from attacks. - Even if the castle is attacked, troops inside the Shelter are not damaged. - There is a max capacity and a time limit for the Shelter. - Upgrade the Shelter to increase the number of troops that can be evacuated. - Even guardians can evacuate to the Shelter."   3-1. Int Aff. Building - These key buildings are required to further develop the domains.   3-2. Lord Castle - Lord Castle is the most important building within a domain. - Upgrade to unlock new buildings and features. The max level of other buildings can be increased from here. - Upgrading a Lord Castle enables you to produce more resources, collect more taxes, expand the land, increase the number of marching troops and increase the battle fever duration. - Heroes with Int Aff. skills can be assigned to Lord Castle to increase the internal abilities.   3-3. Rampart - The Rampart is the last line of defense. - Heroes with Army trait can be assigned to protect the domain from attacks. - Damaged ramparts are automatically restored with time. - Upgrade the Rampart to increase its HP and Attack Power.   3-4. Depot - Depot stores and protects a certain amount of resources when an enemy attacks. - Upgrade to protect more resources during an attack.   3-5. Research Lab - Research Lab develops new technology to help develop the domain and grant additional effects. - Upgrade the Research Lab to reduce the research time.   3-6. Forge - Gear for heroes and guardians can be crafted at the Forge. - Upgrade the Forge to craft better gear. - Unused gear can also be dismantled here to obtain crafting materials.   3-7. Pub - Random Heroes can be recruited from the Pub. - Upgrade the Pub to recruit heroes more quickly."   4-1. Guardian Haven, Guardian Jail, Guardian Altar - Growing a Guardian will increase the Attack Power, Defense, Speed, and Rampart Durability of your army.   4-2. Guardian Jail - When your enemy's Lord Castle is Lv. 9 or above, you'll be able to capture the enemy's guardian. - When you and your enemy's Lord Castle is Lv. 17 or above, you'll be able to extract the essence of a captured guardian. - It takes a long time to extract the essence of a guardian with a high Guardian Haven level. - Upgrade the Jail to reduce the essence extraction cooldown.   4-3. Guardian Altar - The Altar provides temporary army enhancement when extracting the essence of a captured guardian. - Upgrade the Altar to improve these enhancement effects. - Extracting a guardian will activate enhancement effects for 24 hours. - Extract more guardians to increase the duration of the enhancement effects."     5-1. Operations Base - Build an Operations Base to assemble armies between Guild Members. - Upgrade the Operations Base to assemble more troops.   5-2. Guild Office - Build a Guild Office to allow Guild Members to send support troops to help you. - Upgrade the Guild Office to receive even more support troops. - The maintenance cost of support troops is paid by the member who sent them. - Resource Supports can be sent to Guild Members. - Upgrade the Guild Office to send more resources and lower the maintenance cost.   5-3. POW Camp - POW Camp is used to convert enemy soldiers captured in battle. - Upgrading the POW Camp will increase the capacity."  

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