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Oct 7, 2019, 03:50 PM 154 read

Resolve Issue


Q. A new account has logged in! What should I do? A. If your account is linked to a third-party account, go to [More] → [Option] → [Account] → [Switch Account] to log with the third-party account that was linked before. If your account is not linked to a third-party account, please contact customer support with your account info. We will help restore your account after confirming your identity.   Q. I can't log into the game! A. Restart the game after changing your network connection to 4G LTE or Wi-Fi. Please check your device settings to see if [Last Kings] is given permission to use both WLAN and mobile data. If there aren't any problems with your network settings, please contact customer support for help in resolving your problem.   Q. I can't make any purchases! A. Please follow the next steps. If the issue persists, even after completing the next steps, please contact customer support. 1. Switch to a stable network environment. 2. Quit the game and restart the application. 3. Check your method of payment.

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