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Update version

[★Patch Note★]
Last Kings Global: [★Patch Note★] - Update version image 1

  “Last Kings” management team.   December 12, 2019 (Thursday) The latest version was released at around 06:00 (UTC). For details about the update, please check the following.   Update version iOS : Ver 0.9.1 AndroidOS : Ver 0.9.2 * We are taking time to release the iOS version. Please download the latest version once it is published.   Update details 1. Fixed the error that the power value is lower than before when logging in 2. Fixed an issue where the loading screen would hang when tapping "Move" in EPISODE's quest under certain circumstances. 3. Fixed crash that occurred during dungeon (AOS)   Please note that the corresponding update is a recommended update, so please download it from the store.   We will continue to make corrections for other defects, so please wait until the correction is completed.   Thank you for your continued support of “Last Kings”.  

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