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2019.12.10(Tue) [Maintenance Time]

[★Patch Note★]
Last Kings Global: [★Patch Note★] - 2019.12.10(Tue) [Maintenance Time] image 1

  [Maintenance Time] 2019.12.10(Tue) 01:00 ~ 05:00(UTC)   [Maintenance Reward] After completion, will be rewarded by in-game mail   [Changes and Updates] 1. New Character added : Mugan - Legendary character 'Mugan' added : Can achieve from the Pub - Able to achieve when you newly create Onestore account - Samhan Power/ Infantry/ Vanguard-type 2. Improved Balance of Arena Matching - Fixed matching error : Fixed an issue that system auto was matching hige LV user with AI Bot - Changed the Arena daily purchase limit (5times >> 3times) / Changed Point Acquisition Time (2hr >> 4hr) - 0 points to those who do not participate Weekly Arena (No rewards given) - 0 point scored users are excluded from the matching list 3. Added Material Dismantle System - Allows to achieve the lower-grade material by dismantling the higher-grade material 4. Added Speed info - Shows where to increase the Speed buff and how much it is comsumed at the moment - Shows buff info of Building Upgrade, Soldier Training, Soldier Healing, and Research 5. Changed the items in some packages: Refer the attachment - Components of some packages have changed. 6. Added Legion/Affinity Trait Hero recommendation function - Recommend and auto matches the Heroes that match with the option at the Affinity/ Rampart 7. Added a place to acquire Trait Stones: Can achieve after defeating the Orc Legion 8. Adjusted the balance - Adjusted the reward of Hero Raid and improved the UI of Battle Power Detail - Adjusted the overall Hero Raid balance - Increased the droprate of Orc Legion Hero Fragment Box - Adjusted the soldier deaths to 0% during the Orc Legion battle (However, death may occur when the capacity of Infirmary is exceeded.) 9. Goddess of war : Event reward (12/10~12/17) 1) Increased the capacity of Infirmary(Original: max 45,000 per 1 Infirmary -> During the event period: max 270,000 per 1 Infirmary ) 2) Reduced the death rate of soldiers from PvP(Original: 40% -> During the event period: 10%) 3) Reduced the Recovery Time (Decreased to 1/10th of the original time) 4) Reduced the amount of Migration Ticket consumed when migrating the channel (Decreased to 1/10th of the original time)) - Use up to 9 to at least 1 ticket according to the rank of the Power - CAUTION: The Arena Ranking will be initialized when channel is moved. 5) Can get the compensation through mail at the start of the event (1 x Channel Migration Ticket/ 24 x 1hour Speed Up Healing ) 10. Added on "Onestore" 11. Major Bug fixes and improvements (85 changes)   We apologize for any inconvenience, please cooperate with the maintenance.  

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