Catch the Guardian Event

Greetings, everyone
This is Last Kings GM
Finally, we will open the “Catch the Guardian Event” with your gratitude!!
Event will be open 2019. 10.10(Thu) at the same time with Early access version open.
Please find more details below!
◈‘Catch the Guardian Event’ guide
- Date: 2019.10.11.(Fri) 3:00 ~ 2019.10.16 (Wed) 23:59 (UTC)
1. Appeared in the world map catchable two Guardains
▶ Kamahan
▶ Kamahan of Wrath
- Two Guardians appear on the world map (↓Image)
- Hunting the Guardians and collect Guardian Fragments!
※ Please check the details of the Catch the Guardian Event in the game.
- Press the Event button on the main Event screen!

Catch the Guardian Event +2
Catch the Guardian Event
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