Dz May LV.11 Monster
Dec 30, 2020, 04:20 PM 99 read

Warframe farming and help

Warframe: General - Warframe farming and help image 2

If you need help HMU on psn DzFURI187. I’ll be making a clan so I can help out anyone who needs it but remember I’m no professional player yet I’m still learning my MR is 22 but bn playing in game time bout 23 days in total so average a MR a day almost at mr23 I’m 7k off next rank. I also stream on twitch come check me out u need help during a stream I’ll still help as long as your cool with me streaming my twitch is DzFURI187 just like my psn hope to chat with you in a stream or on psn. Also looking for a farming team HMU if interested ty

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