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Dec 9, 2020, 12:19 PM 48 read

Smoking Guns Gaming are recruiting up and coming Editors and Graphic Designers!!!

Hello there! I am SGG VariableXYZ, Media Head for Smoking Guns Gaming LLC. We here at SGG are an Xbox/Discord community with over 800 members. We promote leadership amongst people and have been around for 5 years. We are a family based community that hosts a variety of tournaments, giveaways, we have our own sponsorships, music bots, and we are non-toxic!   What I am here specifically for is to recruit for our Media Operations. You might be wondering to yourself, "What in the world is a Media Operations?". Media Operations here in SGG are in charge of producing content (Videos, Custom Profile Pictures, Graphics), monitoring our Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc..) and Discord Server, and everything with the letters "SGG" in front of it. Essentially we are in need of more up and coming Editors and Graphic Designers   If you would like to join as a member, here is a list of requirements you must follow...   List of Requirements:   1) Must have an Xbox 2) Must be 16+ 3) Must have 5000+ Gamerscore 4) Must have a mic 5) Can not be toxic   If you happen to be interested in joining Media Ops as an MMIT (Media Member in Training), here is a list of requirements you will need to follow (along with the above requirements for "Member") ...   List of Requirements:   1) Must have a PC 2) Must have skills in one of the following... a. Video Editing b. Graphic Designing c. Discord Support (bots and everything included) d. Social Media (familiar with Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) 3) Willing to be taught the above skill sets (yes, all four) 4) Must provide us with a consistent schedule 5) Be a critical thinker a. Bring change to Media Operations   Once you become an MMIT, you will immediately start your training on Video Editing, Graphic Designing, and Discord Support.   There is an application process when being recruited in, so keep that in mind.   If you happen to be interested in joining our amazing community as a Media Member, hit up my DM's or contact me through my Xbox account, "SGG VariableXYZ".   Have a great day!

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