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2.0.56 Update Preview


Hey Hunters! Thanks to the traces discovered by the scouts we've managed to find out the puppeteer's location! However, the puppeteer was not happy about the process.

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  The puppeteer showed himself at Ghost Hunter!!? He is so angry that he's now making mess and bugs appearing here and there at Ghost Hunter! Take a preview about the 2.0.56 update to know the puppeteer's moves and establish a plan to stop it.   2.0.56 Update Preview

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Know the opponent first then you'll be invincible! Let's find out about the puppeteer first.   [Combination Ghost Captivated] Do you remember G combination recipe by the puppeteer? Hunters had solved the secret of G combination recipe and created awesome combination ghosts. The thing is the puppeteer has contaminated them! It's in trouble. We need to figure out how to save them!   [Puppeteer's Sticker] What the hell is that?! It's so upsetting, a mini puppeteer is blocking the hunters' screen! Please remove the puppeteer's sticker covering the screen then you'll get reward! Please help, friends!

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[Puppeteer's Evil Hand] Being in Ghost Hunter you'd suddenly feel the evil hand coming from the puppeteer. That is how he contimates Ghost Hunter. You need to clear the quest before the time is up and stop the puppeteer.   [Puppeteer Chaser] Now we've found out the puppeteer's wicked moves. There are mainly two parts that this update's aiming at.     [1] Chase Puppeteer Hunters should chase and stop Puppeteer who's trying to mess up with Ghost Hunter. First reward will be a costume that camouflages you not to be discovered by the puppeteer.

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Puppeteer is now missing even though I started chasing him before Hunter friends come. Instead, I've saved G Ghost that was captured by the puppeteer!   You can chase the puppeteer 5 times a day. When you're tired running out of all 5 chasing counts take a break for the rest of the day and try again.   Cheer up Hunter friends! Chase Puppeteer and save all captured G Ghosts!   [2] Heal Ghost Hunter contaminated by puppeteer

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Collect Ghost vaccine and heal the ghost hunters contaminated by puppeteer! If you cure the ghost hunter area with the vaccine you'll get a costume that could change you to a puppeteer!   [New Combination Ghosts] G Ciriattoganger, G Black Pearl Beros

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GETCHA GHOST: notice - 2.0.56 Update Preview image 13
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[Ghost Level-up Event] Find out your status with the button at top in lobby. Event ends at 14th July. Rewards are given at Mail when you make level ups after capture. If it is after the event ends you can't claim the rewards for level 2 to level 8.   If you accomplish all level up event you'll get bonus rewards of G Ciriattoganger and G Black Pearl Beros.   [Ghost Tower] 100 more floors will be added to the tower, from now 401 floor to 500 floor. New ranking reward for ghost tower

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