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2.0.53 Update Notice

GETCHA GHOST: notice - 2.0.53 Update Notice image 1

Hey, ghost hunters! Thanks to the scouts who worked hard climbing up the ghost tower, traces of the puppeteer still remained in the tower have been collected now! Looking at the secret recipe of G combination ghost and the traces at the tower the battle against the puppeteer in the future seems to be inevitable. But do not worry! Sarah, the rising star from Aegis and a very reliable supporter, has come to help you hunters! Capture many ghosts with the upgraded legendary taffies to grow Sarah. Get ready for the upcoming battle against the puppeteer! Would you like some sneak peek of 2.0.53 update?   [New Partner Sarah]

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A new parter, Sarah, a rising star member from Aegis is added. You can get it by Drawing Sarah. Drawing Sarah guarantees at least 1 Sarah out of 10 draws. Draw it with Ghost Tower's Dimensional Energy!!   [Legendary Taffy]

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GETCHA GHOST: notice - 2.0.53 Update Notice image 6

Ghost and Giant Taffies to be upgraded Legendary and Legendary Giant Taffies, respectively! 1) Capturing scene UI and its target image appearing at the capturing moment are changed. 2) A capture catches more ghosts at a time. 3) Using items of higher level for the ghost ascension enables you to capture more ghosts. Kanglim: Mom's Lucky Charm, Lion: Tiphereth, Hari: Kind Ghost Purifier Ball, Ian: Legendary Ring   [Changes on Bonus Giant Taffy] A bonus giant taffy for every use of 100 taffies at Capture has been adjusted. It's been changed to give one legendary giant taffy for using 50 taffies. One legendary giant taffy will be immediately given for those who have proceeded with more than 50 taffies.   [Changes on Geumbi House] The number of A level ghosts from a Geumbi House's treasure chest has been increased from 1 to 3.   [Changes on Ghost Phone's point gains] The amount of point gains for Capture at Ghost Phone has been changed.   [New event quest added] Play new event quests and get various rewards. Get a new parter Sarah and purify the ghost tower!!        

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