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2.0.31 update

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We want to inform you about the upcoming 2.0.31 Update. Please look forward to it!   1. Ghosts Added   Ophikian, the final boss of 6 previous The Haunted House Ghost Ball Double X stories appears! Meet Ophikian and Robotic Demon in Ghost Hunter! Ophikian and Robotic Demon will appear in Capture mode.

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  2. New Combination Ghost Ghost+ Manti Demon King added to ghost combination.

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  3.Ghost Level Up Event   View your progress by pressing the event button at the top of the lobby. The event runs until June 24th and   the reward is sent to the mailbox when capturing ghosts and leveling up. The rewards for levels 6 to 10 can only be received before the event is over.   !! Ophikian Level Up Reward Rock of Luck item lotto ticket is given as an Ophikian level up reward.

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Getting a Rock of Luck lotto ticket item has the same effect as purchasing a Ghost's Personal Item from the Shop. Level up Ophikian and earn a Ghost's Personal Item as well!   4.Ghost Items Added   4 types of ghost items added per ghost.

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  5. Ghost Max Level Changed Increased the max level for SS Rank Ghosts from Lv. 60 to Lv. 120.     6. Weekday Dungeon Ghosts added School Auditorium - Gargantua added. Kanglim's House - Crazy Rabbit added.   7.Geumbi House Ghosts Added Ophikian/Robotic Demon added to box.   8.Rock of Luck Ghosts Added Ophikian/Robotic Demon added.   That's all the news for this update.   Thank you.     Puzzle Stage Added   Ophikian/Robotic Demon/Manti Demon King added."            

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