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Any tips to get better

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Rocket League has developed the formula for future sports games

Rocket League just celebrated its 3rd birthday and seems to have it all: a thriving player base, a compelling competitive scene, and most importantly a game that's actually fun.
Rocket League lures gamers in with a low price tag ($20 on Steam), and keeps them engaged with a game that despite being friendly for new players, has a very high skill cap. Compared to a game like FIFA, which costs $60 and is typically difficult for new players to get good at, it's clear why gamers have flocked to Rocket League.
In many ways Rocket League is like the Fortnite of sports games. Its aesthetic and low skill floor makes it appealing to casual gamers, while its high skill ceiling and opportunities for skill expression makes it appealing to serious, competitive gamers. Sure PUBG and FIFA look more realistic - their goal is to strive for realism. But realism isn't always fun, and games like Rocket League and Fortnite show that games don't have to be realistic to be taken seriously and become cultural phenomena.
Now I'm not saying that Rocket League is the first "lighthearted" sports game, but it's definitely the biggest right now. The issue is that many of the classics were around in an era before online gaming. You can't tell me that an NBA Street reboot with online play wouldn't be a hit.
One major issue is that EA Sports has a monopoly over much of the genre (FIFA, Madden, UFC, NBA Live), and EA has shown a complete lack of respect for the gaming community. Consistently releasing full priced games which then gouge players for pay-to-win or pay-for-content microtransactions displays a complete lack of respect for gamers. We all remember the Battlefront 2 debacle. It's not just EA either - 2K Sports has victimized their players in the same way.
This can't continue, and it won't. Other developers will make games of equal or superior quality for less cost to gamers and support it with cosmetic-based microtransactions just as Rocket League has done. Rocket League has paved the way for a new, better generation of sports games. Now we have to do our part and support this future generation and make it clear to developers that we will not tolerate pay-to-win games.

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Rocket League Lounge Rules!

Rocket League lounge rules, (Please Read).
Hello and welcome to the new Rocket League lounge, here you can talk about Rocket League content including New events, Tips and Tricks and more! We decided that Rocket League was popular to warrant it's own board so congratulations for getting out of the Incubator.
To maintain a fun experience within Moot community, we ask everybody to follow these rules. They are enforced by the staff team helping to moderator the Rocket League lounge.
1. No Buying / Selling / Trading of accounts shall be permitted
Unfortunately Buying, Selling and Trading accounts is against the Terms of Service of Moot. Therefore we cannot permit the action of these transactions. Another reason we cannot allow these transaction is that they often lead to scamming as there is no control during the process. The only trading we allow is in game trading which can be done in the 'Trade' Section.
2. Place your posts in the correct section.
The reason we have different sections is to organise content so everybody can clearly find the content they are looking for. For example if you are looking for a Competitive 3v3 team look no further than the 'Looking for Teammates' section.
3. Be friendly and always show respect to everyone, no matter their role. Here are moot we are all human (well most of us) and therefore nobody should be discriminated due to age, race or gender.
Rocket League is a game for all ages and there is no need to start fights or arguments either. We are all friends here trying to chat about a common topic. You never know who is good at the game and who isn't you'll have to hop into a game to decide that.
4. Keep all discussions about Rocket League.
This is self explanatory really, this is the 'Rocket League' lounge where we talk about Rocket League. Comparing the game to another game is 100% fine though, keep that up we love to hear your opinions :).
5. No nudity or explicit content.
Once again Rocket League is a game for all ages that means young people too so please respect that and keep any adult content off of Moot and the Rocket League lounge. Ya'll have incognito for that ;).
6. In the LFG section state what platform you play on.
This allows you to find people who are on the same platform as you. Self explanatory, huh.
7. Please No spam content
If we find you are spamming for whatever reason either to gain xp or to just annoy people you will be punished and your posts will be removed.
8. Don't leak information
Now this ones serious. Exposure of personal information especially in the intent of harm cannot be permitted it can seriously hurt somebody.
9. Defamation or infringement of copyright.
To make this one simple for those of you who don't like big words... Post your own content.
10. If somebody is breaking any rules report it.
You can either report it via moot or if you want a more direct approach you can contact me through discord.
- Zmurfus#4063

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