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Mar 16, 2019, 06:47 AM 1,904 read

PUBG - Has it lost its touch??

Has PUBG lost its touch is my question to you?!?! I honestly love playing PUBG, the days, weeks and months I smashing into dropping into random locations is phenomenal!! Whilst those playing around me started to drop away and play other games.... I continued with PUBG. I was always craving the next jump, the next kill and the ultimately the next Chicken Dinner! New maps started to drop and my friends came back, they soon went away again when the rendering issue got to much.... still I ploughed on, controller in hand. The new season mode dropped on console and it was time to get the squad back together, however this time they stayed away. The rendering issue was too much for them, dropping through the map, getting killed through the walls and buildings that you knew where there but all you saw was the groundwork. With games like Apex Legends that has hit the ground running you can see that it has show us that you can bring out a fully completed game, for free may I add, and it be 100% ready to rock! Now this isn’t a dis at PUBG but I wish we were able to compete and retain players. I hope that they fix the current problems on PUBG, even if they take two or three steps back in order to move forward. Let me know what you think 🤙🏻

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