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Jan 26, 2018, 12:55 PM 1,380 read

PUBG Mythbusters #7 From WackyJacky101


  This video tests some super interesting and applicable myths.   First up, WackyJacky proves that the van drives marginally faster if you shoot out one of the front tires.   Second, he demonstrates how your character's arms can protect you from chest shots while you're holding your weapon and thus prevent some damage.   Third, he shows that you can use bullet drop to kill enemies that you cannot see.   Finally, WackyJacky shows that you can use a dead teammates body to protect yourself from enemy fire if you go prone behind it.   Overall, this was one of the cooler mythbuster videos yet. If y'all aint subbed to WackyJacky101 on YouTube, do yourself a favor and go do that right now.

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