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Jan 26, 2018, 12:27 PM 19,334 read

How to Win More and Whine Less on Miramar

Last week we had a pretty interesting discussion comparing Miramar and Erangel. While there are certainly players who enjoy or even prefer Miramar, it felt like most players dislike Miramar. I personally don’t love the desert map, but in the conversation I saw many misconceptions about the map and how it functions. I’d like to take some time to address these misconceptions. My hope is that once you learn how to properly play on Miramar, you may start to enjoy the map a bit more.   The first misunderstanding is that the map forces players to land in the biggest cities if they want to get any loot. Stated this bluntly, the belief is certainly wrong. Now, of course the bigger cities are going to have the best loot. That’s how the game works on Erangel and I’m sure that’s how it will work on future PUBG maps as well. If you want the best loot on the map at the very start of the game, you’re going to have to fight for it. But Miramar also has plenty of decent spots to loot for the more conservative players. Just try to get a bit away from the plane and you can usually have a medium sized city like El Azahar or Impala to yourself.   Another related point to the early game that I think a lot of people are wrong on is the number of vehicles on the map. When I first started playing Miramar I felt like I couldn’t find a vehicle anywhere. You know the other time I felt that way? When I first started playing Erangel. Then I learned the vehicle spawns near my preferred drop locations and it wasn’t a problem any more. You know what also isn’t a problem for my squad or myself anymore? Finding a vehicle on Miramar. If it turns out you’re on the opposite of the map from the circle, yeah that sucks, but it just means you need to start looking for a vehicle a bit sooner. Don’t stay looting until the last second and screw yourself over.   In their arguments against the map, some people really focused on the supposed ‘openness’ of Miramar and how there wasn’t any cover. I think this complaint is the most objectively wrong of all the complaints about Miramar. Have you ever tried to drive across Miramar? Unless you’re on a road it’s basically impossible, right? And why is that? Because of all the damn bumps, ridges, and hills. You know what makes for great cover? Bumps, hills, and ridges. Yeah…   One complaint about Miramar that made me chuckle was the following: “Buttons, on Miramar if I don’t find a sniper I can’t win! At least on Erangel I could use a micro-uzi or shotgun and stand a chance.” I’d say don’t make me laugh, but it’s already too late. I have made it into the top ten in countless games in my hundreds of hours playing this game, plus I watch PUBG streams all day, so I feel comfortable saying the following: all of the good players who win with any consistency use snipers and assault rifles with long range scopes at the end of the game, regardless of the map they’re on. Sure, you’ll see funny final kills with grenades, UZI’s, or shotguns but those are very much the exceptions that prove the rule. Personally, I find the sniper duels more exciting on Miramar. Instead of being pinned to a tree or rock, it’s usually me on a ridge versus someone on an opposing ridge. You can drop behind the ridge and move left or right and pop up anywhere while they’re doing the same. That is much more exciting to me than trying to guess which side of the tree the enemy sniper will peek on.   I promise, I’m not some Miramar shill. I don’t particularly like the map, but I’m not going to back out of 50% of my games to dodge it. I’m also not going to sit here quietly as people parrot misinformation. If you can’t find a vehicle, learn the spawn locations. If you can’t win a game without a sniper or a long range scope, realize that's an aspect of PUBG and it is not restricted to the new map. If you can’t find cover on Miramar, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad map; it means you’re a bad player.   See y’all in the top ten.   PS: these buildings are the best to loot on Miramar, and they're scattered across the map.

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