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Jan 29, 2019, 12:57 AM 596 read

Survivor Pass: Vikendi - Is It Worth It?

Is the Survivor Pass: Vikendi worth it?   This is opinion based only but I invite your comments…. Even those who are Fortnite lovers!   Now Iv been waiting for this since I first dropped into Erangel back in December 2017, something to aim for. I didn’t waste my time getting the Survivor Pass: Sanhok as the reviews weren’t great and I knew it wouldn’t be the finished article.   Was the Survivor Pass: Vikendi the finished article I was hoping for…..…..NO!   With everything that has done to improve graphics and game I foresee that this well also improve…. It has too! However there is a lot of improvement since the original survivor pass for Sanhok was released but there is still a few tweaks that need to be made.   Therefore…. Is it worth it, IMO YES! With the cavate of small future changes.   My main tweak is:   IN GAME - Once you complete a mission, a small “Mission Complete” of “(X) left until complete” box should appear stating what mission you’ve just completed and how close you are to other mission. e.g – Kill someone with an SMG - Display [7 of 15 SMG kills] – Similar to that of Fortnite.   If you were to make a “Slight Tweak” what would yours be??  

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