S7E9H [UK] S7E9H [UK] LV.26 Mod
Jan 13, 2018, 12:00 AM 2,191 read

Where do I land?? Help Map from S7E9H Gaming 🎮Xbox🎮

Here we go first help map on where I tend to land and direction on travel no matter where the play zone is. I know everyone will have their own favourite places to land but these locations I have found help out all the new players to PUBG. These location have good loot potential, lead to good loot with the direction of travel and have the potential for vehicles if needed. Now there are some time that these tactics just don’t work for me: 1. Going Rambo and wanting to kill everyone. 2. Someone follows me. 3. Not being patient enough. 4. Spending too long looting when you should be moving to a batter location due to the play zone. Let me know what you do??

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