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"Dobro Mesto" (A Mercenary in Vikendi - 03)

  Hello I am a mercenary KidsSeeGhost. I came from hell for the revival of PUBG Lounge. I will thoroughly analyze Vikendi to take care of your chicken dinner. So please come to the PUBG lounge and make loudly. Please do not leave here asshole.  

Today's drop place is Vikendi's west downtown Dobro Mesto. I will take this town thoroughly.  

In PUBG’s new snowy map Vikendi, 'Dobro Mesto' The downtown area lies to the west. The ship's anchored ship, which is likely to freeze in no time, clock tower to keep the tranquil downtown area and the cathedral of the central square make Dobro Mesto more attractive.   Dobro Mesto, a big city, has a lot of buildings, so there is no difficulty in farming. Small houses, as well as shopping mall, cathedrals, clock towers, warehouses, garages, and find the building you want, you can find the farming. And if you want to get to the distant area because you have a lot of vehicles, you can easily take the car.   The blue circle does not come to Dobro Mesto rather than you expected, so there is always the inconvenience of moving. And as soon as you leave the city, the cover is only the tree.

Dobro Mesto has the longest history in Vikendi. There is a structure that lets you know how much the city has flourished in the past, such as the central square or the clock tower, and many players come to this village for farming as it is a big city.   The clock tower is on the highlands where you can see all of Dobro Mesto, and the half-broken tower is easy to reconnaissance because you can see the movement of users in the village at a glance. On the other hand, it is a location where you can be sniped anywhere, so be careful because you can go straight to the lobby.   ◆ Main Features Pros Easy to get items. Easy to move to safety zone. A lot of vehicle spawn points, so it is easy to move to other areas. Can take a boat to the west coast.   Cons Cover up is hard when a city battle occurs Blue circle does not get Dobro Mesto more than thought     ◆ Farming Routes

You can draw a farming route based on the north clock tower or you can do farming on the basis of the south mall. The clock tower is good at seeing the view of the downtown area at a glance, but can not effectively check the enemies hidden in the building and does not have a quick backup to the friendly. Instead, you can draw either a farming route to which the opponent has landed, a movement line that can be determined and avoided, or a farming route that wants to engage.   The South Mall farming Route can be drawn to the west, east, or south, based on the mall. There is a central plaza in the north, but it is better to line it to the west, east, and south than to cross it.   In addition, Farming Route is a way of farming small houses on the eastern road. It is a route to farming safely avoiding crowded buildings, and if you have some maintenance, you can quickly get to Dobro Mesto, which is a farming route in the city center.   ◆ Vehicle spawn points

A. North Intersection B. North roadside C. Northeastward Intersection D. Left side of Clock tower E. Left side of Square F. North side of mall G. Northeastward of Mall H. East roadside I. South side of mall (in the garage) J. South side of mall (roadside) K. East Intersection L. Southwest Intersection M. Southeast roadside N. South roadside O. Southeast Intersection P. West of Boat

◆Key Points and Notes The clock tower in the north is a good place to get a view. Of course, I can see my vision properly. It is difficult to check directly, and it is easy to collect information. And even if you find the enemy, small houses are gathered, and it is difficult to share the exact location.   The efficient place is the southern mall. It is good to spread the fighting short by the farming circulation line as well as the wide farming place and the surrounding small buildings. In particular, there are many vehicle regency points in the vicinity, and there are garages nearby, which is one of the points recommended by Dobro Mesto.   If you want to continue your battle at Dobro Mesto, we recommend you arm your secondary weapon slot with AR, SMG, or SG weapons. Because the density of the building is high and the battle is unlikely to take place on a flat land without cover. As close range battle continue to occur until you leave the city, you can use SMG, SG, SMG to fight quickly.   #Vikendi #Mercenary #DobroMesto   This Mercenary comes every Friday. You can see past posts from the link below. https://moot.us/lounges/2/boards/6/posts/446182 https://moot.us/lounges/2/boards/6/posts/458359

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