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Apr 30, 2018, 07:49 AM 902 read

Communications Guide - Pubg

1. No unnecessary chatter. 2. Don't announce everytime you find a weapon. 3. Dont trade unless necessary in the middle of a fire fight. (e.g Anyone need a verticle grip etc.) 3.5. However it could be used if your teamate has no weapon. (e.g AR on me) 4. Do not use "me", instead use your color/number (e.g So instead of "AR on me," you will say, "AR on green") 5. Remain calm, screaming/panicking will only cause your teammates annoyance, inability to hear crucial sounds and also lose their focus. 6. When calling out an enemy, the general outline I use is (amount, bearing, distance, relation to object). So (e.g Visual, 3 players 145, 200m next to wooden shack) 6.5. Do note that using "Visual" differs from using "Contact". Contact should be used when either (a) You are planning on engaging, or (b) the enemy has already spotted you, or (c) the enemy is in close proximity. So (e.g Contact 3 players 70, inside the warehouse) Distance can be given if there are multiple same building at different distances. But a better alternative would be to say (3rd warehouse from left) 7. If your background noise is alot, use push to talk. 8. Use commands to function as a unit. (e.g hold fire, open fire, dip low and go along the ridge etc.) 8.5. Make sure your team gives some sort of confirmation before engaging your plan. (e.g "I'll flank from right, provide covering fire." "Affirmative") 9. After killing your enemy, always say whether it was a knockout or insta-kill 10*. A clever trick that I use very often. If my team splits into two groups, 1 team talks in discord, and the other talks in game (with mode set to team only, and the discord ones mute their ingame) So with this, we won't have conflicting orders and this is most effective during looting. This was my first post on moot! Please comment if this was helpful and what I can do to improve it. Thanks for reading, Caio.

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