S7E9H [UK] S7E9H [UK] LV.26 Chicken Dinner
Apr 27, 2018, 07:24 PM 2,207 read

Choose a side - Left or Right


My opinion for both selections. ———— Left side ———— M416 is one of the best ARs IMO and putting the suppressor on it makes it perfect for the stealth kill added with the stock it makes for the perfect weapon, even with the iron sight 4x scope is good but inadequate in CQB scenario Pan, stuck it on my rear to protect my gear 👌🏻 Lv 3 helmet, try and 1 shot me bro, I dare you! X4 energy drinks is ok but no great if I get into a sticking situation! 150 5.56........... best not get into any prolonged fire fights! ————— Right side ————— SCAR-L, Second best AR and with the down grip and compensator helps with the recoil some what but I’d happily drop it for a UMP. Face mask - why would I hide a face like mine 💪🏻 Lv 2 body armour, amazing but I better not get shot in the head! 20x bandages - honestly who has time to put on more then 2 or 3 before giving up and dropping the lot! Grenade x 1 - I tend to only use these when trying to distract the enemy! 175 x 5.56 - that’s a little better then the 150

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