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Dec 20, 2018, 06:39 AM 787 read

PUBG On PS4 Questions & Concerns

Vikendi: So I 100% know for a fact that the new and glorious Holiday Themed PUBG map Vikendi will be arriving to consoles early January, my biggest concern though is will there be a Holiday Event Pass like the PC does. I understand that if there will be a Event Pass you will get a free basic option but also get the option for a premium pass costing roughly $9.99 USD. I really hope there will be a Holiday Event Pass so us PS4 players can get some new daily and weekly Challenges along side with some pretty dope Holiday gear. Graphics and FPS: I know it’s just a PS4 but in terms of hardware the system should be able to run PUBG at a solid 30-60fps no problem. The gameplay is amazing but diving in my FPS drops to mid 20’s (just like everyone else playing on PS4) and it drops sometimes in heavily populated areas. I read online somewhere that Blue Corp will be looking into upping the frame rate and even possibly the textures sometime in the near future. If anyone can confirm or deny any of the two things I noted up above it would be greatly appreciated! Yours Truly, YungHare98🚀

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