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Dec 17, 2018, 06:38 PM 1,010 read

Introduce a Mercenary in Vikendi - 01

Hello I am mercenary KidsSeeGhost from hell for the revival of PUBG Lounge. You can now conquer New Map, Vikendi with me. I will help you and make you a mighty man. Don't you think I look funny in my Santa Claus costume?

Shut up before you hit the snowflake and just follow me.    

The first place I will drop is Villa. Let's jump mooters for chicken dinner!  

WTF! Why can't I go forward?  

Damn! The parachute system has been reorganized as a patch. Why did not you check it out? Do not miss the squad as you guys jump in without checking like me.    

It was nice to meet my squad! Let's live and see you later!   PS : I have attached an additional method of landing quickly so you can try

#Vikendi #Mercenary

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