Malted Malted LV.21 S
Nov 19, 2018, 12:46 PM 746 read

Next Steps for PUBG

The Fix PUBG campaign has concluded. What are your thoughts on the overall progress the developers made? Those who aren't aware of what Fix PUBG is check out the post here

I never truly expected PUBG to complete every single task outlined on their campaign roadmap. It would have been a huge success if they did and I'll applaud them for what was completed. PUBG reiterated in a new statement about their future focus to be on stability and quality. I wish they had just created another campaign or did a version 2.0 of Fix PUBG. Announcements of intention puts a fire under them that the developers need to watch out for. For the most part I believe Fix PUBG was satisfactory, the game is better than it was before but nowhere near what was promised.   Thoughts on the campaign?

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