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Apr 4, 2018, 07:57 PM 3,466 read

The PUBG/Fortnite Sega

Now before I start don’t hate the fact I put PUBG before Fortnite in the title, it merely rolls off the tongue. Recently I have seen an increase in game haters for both games, spamming posts and sheer ignorance to the fact that both games can live side by side happily. I play Playerunknown’s battleground for the sheer enjoyment of running around a massive map, pure tactical gameplay you need to employ sometimes, and the use of the ground to conceal routes in and out of areas of interest. I play Fortnite to relax, have fun and mess around building structures in order to escape being shot at. For me PUBG is my game of choice, however If someone wanted to play Fortnite or was to talk to me about the game, I wouldn’t shut them down in the first 10 secs like some would. Some will never acknowledge the fact that both games existed the same playing field, but hay there is more to this world then these 2 games. I’ll continue playing with 100% gaming enjoyment. Happy gaming.

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