S7E9H [UK] S7E9H [UK] LV.26 Mod
Oct 30, 2018, 08:03 AM 623 read

Training Mode - Practice Makes.......Permanent!

After what seemed like an eternity PUBG Corp. has decided to listen to the out cries for a training mode. IMO they haven’t disappointed... the vast array of activities you can conduct within the training mode allows even the veteran gamer to practice.

The 2x2 map also allows space for those wanting to explore but small enough not to take all day to cross. I hope they decide to drop this map into the game, maybe not as an 100 person drop but potentially an arcade drop instead. PC & XBox map:

Mobile Map:

Major bonus to this mode is you can’t die! Lowest your health will drop to is 1hp. What are your thoughts?

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