S7E9H [UK] S7E9H [UK] LV.26 Mod
Oct 6, 2018, 05:25 PM 935 read

Sanhok Event - Forty-Fivers

What is everyone’s thought on this event?? I jumped into it for the first time last night and it was absolutely carnage..... in a good way! Crates dropping everywhere, ghillie suites all over the joint and smashing things up with the .45 weapons 👊🏻 I think this is exactly what PUBG needs right now, something new, something different.

MAIN EVENT RULES • 80 Players fight in Sanhok. The safe zone starts out small and is visible from the beginning. • The only weapons that spawn are Tommy Guns, Win94s, R45s, P1911s and throwables. • Care packages contain Vectors, 0.45 ACP rounds, Lvl 3 gear, and other useful items. ADDITIONAL RULES • The mode is limited to four-man squads. Auto-matching can be turned on or off (you don’t have to play as a full squad of four if you don’t want to) The mode is limited to 80 maximum players (20 teams of four players). • Red zones are disabled. • Killer spectating is enabled. • Weather is set to “Overcast”. • Teamkilling is disabled.

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