Malted Malted LV.21 S
Oct 3, 2018, 01:00 PM 925 read

Weekly Seasonal Skins

About 2 weeks ago in September, PUBG introduced an event celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival where every week players were able to acquire new skins.

I haven't been putting most of my time into PUBG recently and I regret it now as that Tang Suit Jacket is calling for me. Bad news for me is my chance to snag one is "gone forever." I'm hoping this isn't the case and that they offer another chance in the future for those that couldn't get it the first time. Getting the skins isn't all that difficult either, all one needs to do is place top 15 in any mode for a total of 5 matches in a week to claim their prize. Interested to see what other free skin events they might have in the works.

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