Zalaam Zalaam LV.21 Beast
Sep 28, 2018, 06:31 AM 855 read

PUBG is Back on Steam's Top Spot - Hail to the King👑

It's good seeing PUBG getting back to where it was originally, which is the number#1 spot on the Steam charts. PUBG has had its ups and downs, but its current its current up is making some heads turn. PUBG has survived every PUBG clone (Fortnite is a different beast in all honesty) out there, and it's going to survive the potato that is Black Ops 4 (it looks like a previous gen game). Yes I know PUBG looks like a potato, but it's a game that was made by a significantly smaller company. Why does Black Ops 4 look like a potato if it was made by one of the top AAA game devs? Our game has a lot going for it, there's the upcoming mobile tournament and there are QoL changes coming which are going to improve PUBG. PUBG is on the up and up!

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