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Sep 11, 2018, 10:28 AM 977 read

Snow Map Datamined

New information has surfaced and a dataminer by the name of Ruskalaka might have uncovered something huge. Files for a new snow themed map have been unveiled along with other content releases. The map is building up to be smaller than Erangel, but bigger than Sanhok. The map is tentatively named Dihor Otok. I'm a lot more interested in the snow themed part and this is where the other content releases come into play.

New weather effects are in the works, with nightmode being the one that stands out. Nightmode matches in the snow? Count me in! Not only that we will finally be getting our hands on C4 explosives, except it's not certain if this will be a mainstay or part of a special mode. Other additions include new cosmetics which seemed to be geared more towards streaming personalities and representing who you follow.   Check out the new skins here:

Still early to know exactly what this all means, but we can get a good picture of it. For everything else about the datamine check out the link below:

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