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6.2 Patch Notes

PUBG: General - 6.2 Patch Notes image 1

🏀TEAM DEATHMATCH The long-requested Team Deathmatch mode has now arrived! Intense 8v8 FPP fights on 7 different battlefields pulled from your favorite maps. TDM features classic PUBG gunplay and mechanics with all the fun and action of respawning back into the fight. The boost gauge functions differently in TDM and fills by scoring kills and assists, restoring your health after you haven’t received damage for 5 seconds.   The team with the most kills in 10 minutes, or the first to reach 50 kills wins the round, with 2 round wins securing the match victory.   ✔Game mode overview: ●8 vs 8 ●FPP only ●Weapon Spawn Kits ●Respawns ●No knockdowns ●No friendly fire   🏀Gameplay Grenade Changes   ✔Frag Grenades   ●Vests now mitigate damage received from Frag Grenades, but vest durability isn’t reduced when taking damage from Frags. ●Damage mitigation amount is dependent on the level of vest worn by the player, with the same % reduction as for bullet damage. ●Frags will deal 20% less damage to prone players. ●Item weight increased by 50%. ●Each Frag Grenade now takes 27 inventory capacity, up from 18. ●Pulling the pin of a Frag is now louder and audible from further away.   ✔Smoke Grenades   ●Decreased fuse time from 3 seconds to 1 second.   ✔Stun Grenades   ●Increased indirect hit effect radius ●Up to 6.5m, from 5.5m. ●Ringing sound now impacts players through walls ●This matches the Frag Grenade mechanic, although the impact effects a smaller radius. ●Added slight camera shake to players near the explosion. ●Default fuse time mechanic: ●Stuns now explode 0.7 sec after first impact, or after fuse timer runs out, whichever comes first. ●Fuse time without cooking has been increased to 5 sec. ●2.5 second fuse timer when cooking the stun remains unchanged.   ✔Molotov Cocktail   ●Increased the speed at which fire spreads by 50%. ●Fire can now spread slightly further, with an increased damage radius. ●Changed the way fire spreads around objects. Fire will now more consistently reach the back side of objects (especially thin objects like trees). ●Re-introduced direct damage while standing in fire, in additional to existing damage over time. ●Players in fire will now take an additional 10 damage per second ●Fire now reaches higher and should be obstructed less by small objects.       (Skin & Items, Bug Fixes, etc more info👇)

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