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Feb 15, 2018, 01:35 PM 1,105 read

Observations From My Back-to-Back Duo Wins

My duo partner and I got back-to-back chicken dinners today, first on Erangel then on Miramar. Here's some observations from these games that might help your duo games in the future.   1) Communication -Neither of us had played for a couple days so we were both feeling rusty. Despite having to warm up mechanically, we made up for it by having amazing communication. All call-outs were quick, precise, and accurate. Even though we were chatting during any lulls in the game, when one of us started giving important information the other would be quiet and focused.   2) Teamwork - It's not a competition. On the first game (Erangel) I got 6 kills and my teammate got 1. On Miramar I got 1 kill and my teammate got 6. We converted our effective communication into isolating targets for easy kills. We're both shooting at the same person so we can quickly turn a 2v2 into a 2v1.   3) Only 1 down - Between both games we only had a total of 1 down. On the first game we dropped Military Base and my teammate immediately got downed by a shotgun. I managed to win the 1v2 with a DP-28 and revive him. Aside from this, neither of us got downed a single time during either of our wins. This is because we able to keep each other safe by accurately calling out enemy locations and informing each other if we were going to shoot/push/retreat, etc.   4) We traveled over 9km in both games - We both like to play the center of the circle for the mid game, so we moved A LOT. One big advantage of playing the center of the circle was that it enabled us to get a few airdrops fairly uncontested. Another advantage is that we're more likely to be in the next circle, so we can loot and take fights without having to worry about not making to the next circle in time. Also, moving in general is a good tactic so that your precise location isn't known to enemies. Always move after you shoot.   5) We played the edge of the circle in the late game - For the final circles of both games we played the edges. This is obviously a contrast to our midgame strategy, so why do we do it? The advantages of being center circle (crates, being more likely to be in the next circle) aren't relevant in the end game. By playing the edge you narrow the directions that enemies are likely to be, so you're more likely to spot an enemy and you're less likely to get snuck up on.   Summary: -The better your communication is, the better you and your teammate can focus on a specific task during a fight. "2 Enemies running west behind the green building across the road. I'm gonna take shots, focus the one on the left."   -The better you work together in a fight, the more likely you are to get a kill and to not die.   -Not dying is more important than getting a kill.   -Play the Center of the circle in the mid game, play the Edge of the circle in the end game.      

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