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Feb 12, 2018, 05:19 PM 105 read

BR Controversy is a Little Overblown. #weaknation

I’ve watched my buddy stream a number of these BR games and the H1Z1 v PubG v Fortnite argument is so obnoxious and inescapable. I play Fortnite WAY more than PubG due to the time commitment and complexity of a PubG match— why do I get flamed for it? I don’t understand the hate for other successful titles in the genre because that is ultimately good for the end user.

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  • GraphicJ LV.10 Genius Feb 13, 2018, 08:13 AM

    Yeah people shouldn't trash other people for playing what they like. I personally don't play Fortnite, but I do prefer PUBG for some reasons but doesn't make it a better or lesser game. Sheesh those people should grow up.

  • NO NAME verified Feb 19, 2018, 01:15 PM

    I personally like both and for two completely different reasons like if I want a long game that’s more realistic where I can choose how I want my weapons I’d choose pubg* but if I want a simple quick fun game where I can build and loot for rarity I’d choose fortnite