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Feb 6, 2018, 10:47 AM 2,631 read

An analysis of PUBG's dangerous sound problem and a solution

This is not my graphic, but it is something floating around on the internet that we need to discuss. As I'm sure you all have noticed, the sound levels in PUBG (specifically the Red Zone) are dangerously high. Why do I say dangerously? Because the sound level of them can literally permanently damage your hearing. This game is amazing, but it isn't worth a lifetime of ear damage.   If you look at the graphic and read it left to right, they show the difference between the volume of footsteps and the Red Zone is greater than 80 dB, which is the audible range we can hear. That means, in order to have our game at a volume where we CAN hear footsteps we MUST boost the sound of Red Zones beyond the audible zone and into the 'Literally will f*ck your hearing for life zone.' (name made up by me)   Their proposed solution is make footsteps louder and the red zone quieter, so we can play the game at a normal volume without ruining our futures. Seems like a pretty simple solution and honestly I'm pissed off with Bluehole for not fixing this sooner. It's pretty disrespectful from them toward their massive playerbase. There are a lot of problems with this game that annoy me; this one is literally going to ruin my life.   So we gotta choose...do we keep playing PUBG and risk permanent brain damage, or do we stop playing until they fix it? I love this game, but I seriously might go redownload Fortnite right now.   Thoughts?  

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