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PUBG Season 5 Trailer!

PUBG Season 5 is just around the corner, coming to PC on October 23rd and to consoles on October 29th! The new content includes the ability to throw all melee weapons, a new Survivor Pass, and significant changes to the lackluster map, Miramar. Miramar will now include vending machines, a new vehicle, race tracks, stunt jump, and more which will surely make the map more exciting! You can see the trailer and all that is new in the article below.

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Can't wait for the Miramar update to come to live servers, who else?😄

LV.21 Team Player 2d

Bloddy Bush Campers (scared the crap out of me)

LV.21 Team Player 3d

Bloddy Snakes

LV.21 Team Player 3d

They’re all going for the drop

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My pics

Pubg n call of duty mobile

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For those who didn't know....

I keep hearing about people saying that PubG and Fortnight is better than each other (Apex is superior!) But if you read the grey words, you see that they are both made by Epic games. (I am just putting it out there for those that still don't know.)

LV.7 Apex > Fortnite 7d

Let’s get some

Going for kills and wins

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First win in PUBG Lite

Kill record?

LV.8 Nomad 7d

Got a winner winner chicken dinner on my phone!!!

LV.2 Lurker 11d

Both all of my teamates dc in waiting and I got the win on solo

LV.7 Xbox 12d

Just a nice Kar98 kill

LV.21 Team Player 13d

8k Solo win ending and highlights (Tap here)

After all the bad luck and getting shot in the back today, I finally have a decent game😊

LV.21 Team Player 13d

This was scary!😂

LV.21 Team Player 13d

If u want to play just message me

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Add me on omlet arcade

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PS4 pubg player

Does any PS4 player wanna play? I'm not very very good just a fair warning

LV.6 Carry Me 14d

Enemy's Duo Partner Grenades himself in random duos

LV.21 Team Player 16d

Do you play Pubg on Xbox or Playstation? I play on Xbox

LV.21 Team Player 17d

How to instantly win a fpp solo...

So I load up FPP Sanhok to see if I can actually find a match, then this happens...

LV.21 Team Player 17d

So I won my first game of the season😄, unfortunately it was only half a lobby so I only got 6k

LV.21 Team Player 17d

Rate my ride

LV.4 Lurker 17d


i'm on xb1 just did the new update but won't let me play into duos squads or 1 man squad if i'm alone in lobby anyone know why???

LV.6 Nomad 17d

Need a longterm Xbox FPP Partner

I posted it here because h the LFG is annoying and hard to generalize. Im looking for a decent chill individual who wants to have fun, get kills then win games. Everyone i have met i play with once and then never talk to them again. Im looking for a daily partner who likes FPP on xbox (Cross-platform update is out)

LV.17 Clearly Hacking 18d

I still got it😄 (Kar98 Headshot on PTS)

LV.21 Team Player 18d

Comment which side your on

LV.8 CTs Win! 19d

Please play Xbox FPP!

IDK about PS4 but on xbox, FPP Solos literally aren’t a thing and you have to wait till like 2 pm EST to even play any FPP mode. Please i hope more people try it. Its honestly better and more skillful and is my preferred mode. Also if any xbox players who mainly play FPP. Add me GT: Tigake hopefully this cross platform update will help resurrect FPP Solos. But please try it and see if you like it. First person is highly underrated.

LV.17 Clearly Hacking 19d

Pubg ps4

Help me get better at pubg on the ps4

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LIVE: Pro PUBG Team Envy Q&A

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