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DemolitionDemons Meta #1 - How to Parachute

Let me start by saying this, I'm not a pro, and even though throughout 2017 I was in the top 1% for Oceania for Solo, Duo and Squad, Oceania is a very small server and 1% is a very big group, so hey I'm probably in the realm of "Casual Player" to "Decent Player", I barely leave a game without kills, and over 50% of my games are top 10's, so take what I say with a grain of salt, what works for me should work for you, but if it doesn't, there is hundreds of other ways to play that are on Youtube. So as much as I'd like to do a video, and I probably will I'm going to try and explain it via text in as much detail as possible. So first things first, you're on the plane, you gotta decide where you have got to drop, you have 3 options. # 1 - Drop to a town in easy reach and shoot straight down to it. # 2 - Drop to a town or group of houses just on the border of reach maybe pull the parachute early to make it. # 3 - Drop to a car so that you can drive to a town that definitely has no one and you will hear anyone else enter the town allowing you for easy loot and effective defence. Say you choose to do # 1 or # 2, this will mean that you need to effectively jump from the plane, first what you want to do is mark the absolute closest part of the town towards to plane by opening the map and right clicking on the place. Once you have done this line up with wings of the plane, this is made super easy because you can simply line up the little knubs on the end of the wing, now keep your camera here, and watch the compass direction, you will notice on the compass is a little triangle that indicates your direction, when that white triangle hits your marker hit F and jump, this is the most effective way to jump to reach your town in the shortest amount of distance possible, this obviously doesn't count if the town you are going for will go straight under the plane, in which case just jump when you are just outside of the town. Now distance wise here is what you can cover with and without your parachute. If you don't parachute and look straight up, you will travel roughly 1 and a half yellow squares or 1.5km in the direction you are looking, if you pull your parachute straight away you will travel roughly 2 yellow squares or 2km, keep this in mind as to whether you choose option 1, 2 or 3. Now that you have effectively pinned your location, jumped at minimum distance and determined your strategy, you want to get to the ground most effectively, what you want to do is wait for the edge of the town to hit your minimap, as soon as that happens, aim straight down, if you don't have enough room to hit maximum speed of 234km/h then you must pull back and look straight down, this will allow you to make the most of your drop from freefall to parachuting, once you have gone halfway down the white line, hold forward to finish your descent, after this you'll have hit the ground and ready to go. Now I know this is long so attached is a video of someone else who has done an in-depth video, feel free to read this or watch the video, both are very similiar, cheers boys.

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