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[NA/EU]{XB1, PS4, PC} [Xiled Syndicate] Experienced PUBG Clan Recruiting


If you're interested in joining contact me here or on Discord. 4800+ members, competitive teams available, 7+ sponsors. All platforms: PC, Xbox, Ps4. Discord invite:

  My discord is: XGN Xeno XS (LT)#9166   We are here to help gamers excel in the world of gaming and every other aspect of life. We aim to help gamers find new opportunities in gaming, as well as improve their gaming experience in an atmosphere built around friends, fun and for the sake of creating good times with people from all parts of the world. We as a community are dedicated to expanding gamers knowledge of gaming in order to help them reach their personal maximum potential in all types of games. This community is here to provide help for new and old gamers all around the world’s gaming community.

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