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Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

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PUBG FUNNY MOMENTS | Cloudy with the chance of d**k and balls

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AllEliteClan🎮 Females & Males

“I’m here because I believe in doing something different. I believe in doing something new. It’s what I have always Wanted a Change”

more of a Gaming/competitive less Vlogging
Trickshots, Snips, Montages, Feeds, QuadKills,
Teamtage, sniper feeders and more

Is here to change the Gaming industry and sometimes to do that you have to change the Gaming industry that you live in since my first breath I been gaming that’s all Ive known an hell thats all I want to know. Pro teams Like Faze, Optic etc. out there really overlook a lot gamers with potential Skills but those people are never noticed theyre overlooked because theyre no good. I have seen so many underrated players out there making good content either gaming drawing designs video editing hell even Commentators

AllEliteClan is going to change the gaming
economy because you can offer somebody Opportunity. Happy teammates Means Happy Fans and fans Come First meaning on YouTube twitter Instagram We are here to listen to you, if there’s a good player out there hell send us a message well bring them in #AEC WELCOMES all Gifted Talents We don’t care about race Gender or sex,religion. If you’re an Elite gamer we want you! Our doors are open to all. It’s Important to have Competition in the market, we are not just a Clan it’s a Esports Team. By the way this team in the future if it does make money my team we’ll donate some money to kids with cancer / Diabetes Well be doing Competitions YouTube Twitch Facebook Gaming Vlogs everything will work perfectly if the team is committed and passionate to gaming and if you put lots of work in effort it’ll all pay off Serious Players with Good attitude Ready To change Gaming industry

Help the Youth Find a career they love

Present past future older generation corrent generation future generation all want a gaming career let’s make this happen

Gamers can now negotiate for better terms and opportunities with their respective promotions. AEC will have somewhat of an advantage in terms of signing talent because of the team member options. They are willing to give non Gamers someother promotions and The fact. WOMEN! will also have equal opportunities as men which means more talent will put their eyes on signing with AEC.

AEC will need some of the best Gamers in the world so it can even consider to start competing with Top Esports Teams/Clans . AEC could be the chance young Gamers have been looking for in the wrestling business and AEC seems like the place where young talent will be able to show their talents to the world to prove that they’re Elite!


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My Birthday Video!

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Salo Nation recruiting!

Salo Nation is a community/Organization , where gamers and creators come together. Our organization is based off many games and platforms. We're in the works on making esports teams for future tournaments. With Salo Nation you always have someone to help you reach your goals in gaming or etc. We're totally diverse on anything/ anyone. We will try our best to support everyone as much as we can. We will have have future giveaways and we're looking forward to grow as a Nation!!!! We are pretty new at this but we are willing to improve over time. Thank You!

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Stream: Rudy29

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New Video

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