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May 23, 2018, 04:53 PM 1,175 read

Why I Land Small

#MyDropSpot is the Farm! When I first started playing PUBG, I was pretty scared. All the time. If you were an early adopter of Player Unknown’s Battlegronds, you will remember that farm used to not have a name. It was just a couple cluster of buildings in the middle of nowhere. Now not having any experience playing a battle royale type game before, I naturally avoided all conflict in the early game. My objective was to find weapons, hide, and hope for the best in the end game. I agree that, to have better chances of winning, you need good loot. However, I also believe that an M16, some armor, and meds can secure that chicken dinner. In my experience, whether you have fully kitted crate weapons, or a basic M16, it all comes down to placement, awareness, and luck. But to even get the opportunity to make it to the end game, I find it best for me to not risk dying in an early fight, and make it to the top 20 at least. This is why Farm is my ideal drop spot. It is usually fairly quiet; obviously other people drop there, but it is far less populated than most big names on the map. It has enough loot to get you going, you will most likely find the rest of what you need on the way, and you always have a chance to take someone out and really get an edge. This is why I prefer to land small.

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