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May 22, 2018, 08:23 AM 1,791 read

Drop Spot for a wizard

PUBG: Memes - Drop Spot for a wizard  image 1

#mydropspot Smiggs the Wiz here, A wizard isn't scared of puny muggles in pubg land. Sahnok is my favorite map but since it is unofficial ATM I'll settle with Erangel. When i drop, I drop medium to hot only. None of this running and hiding or waiting till I'm the final 4 to pop up and make my presence known. Wizards never die and muggles aren't a threat. Have you ever battled a troll under their home bridge? Have you ever slayed a dragon at their nesting grounds? Have you ever fought off a brothel of bush elves? Do you even know what the f I'm saying!? Didn't think you did. I've seen some stuff, don't cross me. That being said, my favorite place to drop is the hospital. Mainly because that's where I send muggles after I slay them on the battle field. No one can cross me. My battle sense is too powerful. Hardened by the flames of mordor. Skin toughened by the blizzards of Dairy Queen....wait, I mean High Hrothgar... I've stayed with withered falmer in the deepest depths of worlds. I'm not a force to be reckoned with. I am powerful. I am battleborn. I am a wizard. McSmigglesworth! *proceeds to drop hospital* *10 people land there* *loots for 2 minutes* *finds a pan* *dies from a guy with scar*

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